*Weekly Mileage ~ Jan. 25-31*

Mileage for the week of January 25th – January 31st

Total weekly mileage: 51.5

Total January mileage (to-date): 160.75

Total year-to-date (2016) mileage: 160.75

Run review:

1/25          47:13 min./6 mi./7:51 pace

1/26          58:25 min./7 mi./8:20 pace

1/27          49:05 min./6 mi./8:10 pace

1/28          39:20 min./4.25 mi./9:15 pace

1/29          1:22:56 min./10 mi./8:18 pace

1/30          42:42 min./5.25 mi./8:08 pace (+2.75 mi. mix of easy with a little speed)

1/31          1:24:16 min./10.25 mi./8:13 pace

The final week of January mirrors the month of January… it was my highest mileage for both the month and the week since April of last year! I really didn’t have any big plans or expectations for the week and stuck with my intention of taking it one day at a time based on how I was feeling. So I guess this is what happens when I don’t have a plan. Hmm… maybe I need to quit trying to control it. Perhaps I just ride the weeks I feel like kicking my mileage up. Alternatively, embracing the weeks I’m not feeling it too.

I’m already anticipating lower mileage this week due to the scheduling of other things that need my attention but I think I’ll approach the week the same way… one day at a time and see how it plays out.

Happy February!

*Poof! What happened to January?*

January Review:

Total miles: 160.75

Longest run: 10.25

Total days running: 27

YTD mileage: 160.75

Some of my favorite January moments included:

  • Starting 2016 with a trail run on New Year’s Day and aligning my actions with my goal to run more trails this year.
  • Announcing to the world that my business, Blogger Bitch, is ready to take on clients and help businesses and bloggers create content to drive visitors to their website. I’ve been realistic in that I know it will take time to generate steady work and income but during my first official month in business I actually made a small profit so I’m off to a good start!
  • Discovering a new section of my favorite local trail. Even better was discovering that there is a trailhead less than 7 miles from where I work. So stoked about that!!!
  • Hearing Krissy Moehl speak at Powell’s Books about her experiences as an ultra trail runner. Despite that fact that as she was presenting I became increasingly ill (due to apparent food poisoning), and missed the opportunity to have her sign my copy of her book, I was really inspired by her and her accomplishments.
  • Spending a few nice evenings visiting with my parents. I enjoy their company and treasure the time I get to spend with them.
  • Enjoying impromptu gatherings with my mister’s parents too. Backyard fires, birthday celebrations, raiding their tub and tv… I’m grateful for family close by.
  • Saying goodbye to a quiet and simple January and looking forward to all that February has in store. Including what I hope is more of this:

A long run on a muddy trail equals happiness!

This month was my highest mileage month since April 2015! Back then, I was training for Boston so I’m actually a little surprised that I’ve run as much as I have with nothing on my race calendar. I did miss my goal of running on trails at least once a week, only getting three trail runs in throughout the month. I’ll keep working on that in February!

*Thoughts on why I’m not running Boston*

It was about this time, roughly, three years ago that I set my sights on qualifying for the Boston Marathon. At the time, I needed something to focus on. I needed something that would challenge me, help me reconnect to the athlete that was living somewhat dormant inside of me, and give me a sense of purpose (beyond wife/mother/employee/etc.). Boy did it ever!

Where it all starts. Just 26 miles and 385 yards to go!

Where it all starts. Just 26 miles and 385 yards to go!

My quest to qualify began in the spring of 2013. The entire journey has been chronicled here on Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking. In fact, the purpose of starting this online journal was to share the trials and triumphs of the experience. In a nutshell, what I thought would be a year-long trip took me two. I learned so much along the way and it truly was one of my greatest personal accomplishments of my lifetime. Publishing a book is next. ; )

After qualifying for the Boston Marathon on my fourth try, in April of 2014, I had two options considering that my original intention was to qualify for Boston, run Boston, and be done with marathons. I could either slack off and go to Boston to enjoy a really long run for fun. OR, I could prove that I deserved to be there, and, if all the stars aligned on that Patriots’ Day in 2015, maybe qualify for 2016.

Even then, I didn’t intend to go back this year. Just knowing that I had potentially earned a spot was enough. With my time of 3:33:06, I’m fairly certain that I would have made the window had I decided I wanted to go for another round.

Truthfully, that decision is a little bittersweet as I watch so many runners prepare for the April race. Every time I come across an Instagram image, read a blog, or see a post come up on my Facebook feed regarding training for Boston, my heart sinks just a tiny bit. That could be me.

However, I chose not to enter the race and while those reminders sting just a bit, I’m glad I decided to not go this year for a number of reasons.

  • I’m still basking in the experience from last year. The magic that is your first Boston Marathon is one that I want to fully marinate in for quite some time. Sometimes I feel like I need to pinch myself. Did that REALLY happen?! It is not necessarily a once-in-a-lifetime experience but at this point, for me, it is. I’d like to hold onto that for a while longer.
  • I once heard someone explain their reason for not running Boston every year that they qualified and it really hit home for me. The wise one explained that she was creating space for someone who had never run the race before (like me) to experience it. There are only so many spots available, after all. I thought that was a really awesome perspective and I hope that my absence allows a first-timer their own magical Boston Marathon.
  • As I’ve been eluding to, there are some changes on the horizon for my family. If all goes according to plan (which I don’t expect it to because this move has been three years in the making) I don’t know where I’ll be in April. Or how I would manage to train through the relocation process. The thought makes me cringe so I know it would stress me out. As if moving isn’t stressful enough!
  • Let’s be real. It costs a ton. Between race registration, shoes (because training alone requires a few replacement pairs as mileage creeps higher and higher), airplane tickets, a hotel room, car rental, meals and snacks (and if I’m being real, WINE), souvenirs, commemorative marathon apparel and tchotchke, and so on, it is not a cheap trip and I just can’t swing it two years in a row.
  • On that note, I’d rather put whatever travel dollars I can swing this year to attend my daughters Army AIT graduation in Texas coming up next month. Plus, a trip to SoCal to search for a place. And, Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking and I have a BIG anniversary coming up this spring. Hawaii, maybe?
  • Not training is really nice. I mean I’m running and all, but not having some big hairy goal looming over me, eating up every single spare minute or requiring 5 AM wake-up calls on Sunday mornings is rather lovely.
  • Finally, I want to earn it. Again. I worked really hard to prove myself when I ran Boston last year. I’m proud of my PR and qualifying for 2016. Perhaps I could have used that momentum to repeat the cycle. But for some strange reason, I think I’ll ultimately find more satisfaction in stepping away, and if I so choose at some later date to try to qualify again (like when I hit the next age division), diving back into it for the fresh challenge. I think it will mean more to have to bust my butt for it again.

This by no means is intended to downplay the accomplishments of those repeating Boston year after year. It is a very personal journey and we each have our own reasons for wanting to run the Boston Marathon.

So with that I say GOOD LUCK to everyone working their asses off training for this year’s event and to those of you that have yet to qualify but are working your asses off too, keep at it! It is soooooo worth it!

*Weekly mileage ~ Jan. 18-24*

Mileage for the week of January 18th – January 24th

Total weekly mileage: 29.25

Total January mileage (to-date): 109.25

Total year-to-date (2016) mileage: 109.25

Run review:

1/18          1:32:32 min./8 mi./11:34 pace

1/19          No run/rest day

1/20          41:57 min./5 mi./8:22 pace

1/21          No run/sick ; (

1/22          29:41 min./3 mi./9:52 pace

1/23          49:32 min./5.25 mi./9:25 pace

1/24          1:07:21 min./8 mi./8:25 pace

Given the history of my past two weeks, I’m heading into a new week without ANY expectations! My only hope is that I finish the month strong and feel good.

One day at a time.

One day at a time.

One day at a time.

Have a great final week of January!

*Fuel Friday ~ Baked Apple Oatmeal*

For the second week in a row, I’ve been plagued by some sort of illness or ailment. Last week it was a pinched nerve in my shoulder (which is still giving me some grief). This week, food poisoning.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I was really excited to hear ultrarunner Krissy Moehl speak on behalf of her new book, Running Your First Ultra, this past Wednesday. Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking and I made an afternoon/evening of it and ran some errands in the city before the event, including a stop at a well-known Mexican restaurant for a little happy hour treat.

The fish taco was a bad choice.

Not long after Krissy began her presentation, I began feeling ill. It progressively got worse and I turned to my husband and whispered that I wasn’t feeling well (hot, sweaty, faint, nauseous) and had to leave, asap. I needed some air! So we quietly got up and left before she finished. Without getting my darn book signed!

The ride home, the rest of the night, and all day yesterday were pretty unpleasant, to say the least. And, it’s my third bout of food poisoning in 7 months! WTH? (My Mister didn’t have a taco, fortunately.)

So you’re probably wondering why I’m writing about food poisoning on a Fuel Friday post, right?

Well, because I feel a ton better today but I’m still feeling really depleted and low on energy. I’m carefully bringing solids back into my diet because I need to get some nutrients into my body. I whipped up a delicious late breakfast this morning that I thought I’d share.

Baked Apple Oatmeal


1 serving (1/2 cup oats) oatmeal, cooked

1/2 an apple

1 egg

1/4 tsp. vanilla

1/2 tbsp. maple syrup

Cinnamon to taste

Cooking spray


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cook the oatmeal and set aside. Chop the apple into small, uniform-sized pieces. In a mixing bowl, combine all the other ingredients then stir in the cooked oatmeal and apple. Transfer the mixture into a baking dish coated with cooking spray, top with a little additional cinnamon (optional), and cover with a lid or foil. Bake for 40-45 minutes.

I added another little drizzle of maple syrup and a dollop of almond butter to mine. Such a treat!

Baked Apple Oatmeal

Baked Apple Oatmeal

Have a happy (Fuel) Friday!!

*Weekly mileage ~ Jan. 11-17*

Mileage for the week of January 11th – January 17th

Total weekly mileage: 30.5

Total January mileage (to-date): 80

Total year-to-date (2016) mileage: 80

Run review:

1/11          29:07 min./3.25 mi./8:58 pace

1/12          No run/rest day

1/13          46:28 min./5.5 mi./8:27 pace

1/14          9:04 min./1 mi./9:04 pace

1/15          46:56 min./5.5 mi./8:32 pace

1/16          48:46 min./5.25 mi./9:16 pace

1/17          1:26:01 min./10 mi./8:36 pace

Who’s ready to jump into a new week? ME!

My pinched nerve hiccup last week was relatively minor but I felt like it threw me off of my game. Funny how one little thing can have you making a mountain out of a mole hill, right? Guilty as charged.

But I’m back to it this week with some fresh perspective and inspiration.

Good luck as you dive head-first into your own vision of the best YOU possible!

*Doing the work*



No truer words…

My week didn’t quite go as planned and you know what? That happens. I woke up a few mornings ago with an awful pain shooting up from the side of my left scapula into my neck, the apparent result of sleeping wrong and pinching a nerve. I attempted to run later that afternoon, only to fight tears from both pain and frustration. I hate not being able to do what I love because I don’t feel well, whether from illness, injury, or a sucky pinched nerve.

My struggle-fest lasted one mile. I came home and jumped on the elliptical machine that we temporarily borrowed from my parents. In the nearly two years we’ve had it in our possession, it was the first time I’d used it. While I was grateful for an alternate option to get a workout done, I was reminded that I much prefer running outside in the fresh air, regardless of the season or weather.

I did feel better enough the next day to get a few miles in and it has continued to improve, though I’ve kept it pretty easy.

Anyway, I saw this quote the other day and it hit home. I didn’t have the best week training-wise. Due to both things I couldn’t control and things I COULD control. Armed with this reminder, I’m setting myself up for a better, productive week of training and working toward the goals and results that I want.