*Our first family 5k*

This weekend, for the first time EVER, my family will run our first 5k together! As a mother-runner, I couldn’t be more excited, or proud, to share one of the things I love most with my family!

Over the last two years, the members of my family, one-by-one, have begun to run so it seems fitting that we run our first event together as a family. Thanks to my great friends at Nuun Hydration, and the Better Series, we will be running the Red, Whites, and Blues 5k this Sunday which is held in conjunction with the Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, Oregon.


Looking forward to returning to the Red, White, and Blues with the whole fam!

I had the privilege of sharing the experience last year with my son, then 12, when he ran this race as his first 5k. While my husband and daughter have both tackled longer distances, both having completed a half marathon, I love that we get to do it together. It is even more special since we are counting down the days (24!) until my daughter departs for basic training in South Carolina the end of the month.

The Red, White, and Blues 5k & 10k run and walk is still open for registration either online or on race day! A portion of each registration will go to support the Oregon Food Bank and runners will be treated to live music at the finish.

I need to give my friends at Nuun Hydration a super huge shout-out and high-five for hooking me up with this great event to share with my family!!! Thank you, Nuun!!!


June Review:

Total miles: 115.25

Longest run: 13.1

Total days running: 24

YTD mileage: 1,123.5

Some of my favorite June moments included:

  • Watching my daughter finish her final days of high school, being awarded a scholarship, and graduating high school. (Plus, finally getting her driver’s license the same week!)
  • Celebrating her graduation with an abundance of family and friends. I’m so grateful for our tribe!
  • Soaking up some knowledge from a few work training sessions that I didn’t think would interest me but I was pleasantly surprised that they did.
  • Being treated to a pedicure by my daughter!
  • An early morning coffee date with my mom.
  • Getting to run, and have coffee with, one of the most prominent names in the world of running, Mr. Runner’s World himself, Bart Yasso!
  • Running trails at Silver Falls State Park on a warm Monday evening after long day of work training. Bliss is me on a trail!
  • Heading to Central Oregon for a fun weekend with friends that included running the Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival.
  • Enjoying tons of time cooling off in swimming pools.
  • Stopping on our way home from Central Oregon at a really fun little winery that happens to make my favorite sangria.

July is looking to be a pretty eventful month but I’m committed to slowing down and savoring every second! And having more adventures is spaces like this:


Trail run at Silver Falls State Park

*Pacific Crest Sports Festival*

Several months back, a good friend invited me to join her for the Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival in Sunriver, Oregon. She was planning to register to walk the half marathon (her first!) and thought it might be fun to make a weekend out of it. I’d heard a lot of good things about the event and I LOVE Central Oregon so it sounded like the perfect weekend to me!


Just a little warm…

Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking and I ventured down on Thursday afternoon, arriving to 100 degrees! The forecast was calling for upper 90’s to 100 degrees for the entire weekend. EEK!!

On Friday we got in a quick round of golf (my first time on a golf course in more than four years!) and then drove to Sunriver to hit packet pickup.


I might not be a real golfer, but I look like one!

Friday afternoon was spent in the pool trying to stay cool, fueling up, and getting prepared for race day! We were also treated to a spectacular lightning storm and a fiery sunset over the Cascade Range mountains.

We were up bright and early Saturday morning to make the hour drive back to Sunriver from where we were staying. Despite concerns of not being able to find parking close to the event, we totally lucked out and found a spot near the start/finish. When we arrived, just before 7 AM, it was nearly 70 degrees with the temperatures anticipated to climb quickly as the morning progressed.

When I first registered, I had intended to train for it in hopes of securing a new PR. While I knew the altitude (4,200 feet) would play a role, I thought it was doable. And then life got busy. And I got sick and missed a key long run. And yada-yada. Long story short, the race, er, the running part, was not great. I went in knowing there were limitations (under-trained, the altitude, the heat, etc.) and decided to focus on enjoying the event and course without the pressure to perform.

It was a smart move and mindset. I struggled from the start but decided to make the best of it. I let my pace slow as I meandered along the tree-lined, paved bike path that passes vacation homes and rentals. Later, we ran alongside ponds and small lakes, passed the airport and a golf course, and back towards the Sunriver Village to the finish. It was probably near 85 degrees when I finished and I wasn’t the only one challenged by the heat. Thank goodness for the kind people with misters and hoses along the course! I felt for my friend who had nearly another hour and a half before she’d reach the finish line.


Sweet relief! Done!

Regardless of how I felt and raced, I loved the event! There were numerous races going on throughout the weekend, they had tons of volunteers and even added extra aid stations when they learned of the forecast, the food at the finish line was the best spread I’ve ever seen at an event, and the course was beautiful and mostly flat the entire way!

My friend, and both of our men, decided that we’d like to take it on again next year and are already beginning to make plans! There are few events that I would recommend anyone travel to do but this one is totally worth it, in my opinion. And, the resort community of Sunriver is an athletes paradise and offers something for everyone!

In all honesty, I’m a little disappointed with my overall race results but that’s the way it goes. Not every race is going to be the greatest race ever. But I had a great weekend, with great friends, in one of my favorite areas so I’ll call it a win!

Hyla Ridenour St Helens, OR 2484 F 37 1:54:01 8:42 13 / 87

Half marathon #11 in the books!

*Weekly mileage ~ June 22-28*

Mileage for the week of June 22nd – June 28th

Total weekly mileage: 31.25

Total June mileage (to-date): 107.75

Total year-to-date (2015) mileage: 1,116

Run review:

6/22            46:32 min./4.25 mi./10:57 pace (trail run/hike)

6/23            39:18 min./5 mi./7:52 pace

6/24           15:49 min./2 mi./7:55 pace

6/25           33:04 min./4 mi./8:16 pace

6/26           26:39 min./3 mi./8:53 pace

6/27          1:54:01 min./13.1 mi./8:42 pace

6/28           No run/rest-recovery day

Last week was an unexpectedly cool week, running wise. I got in a fantastic trail run/hike (I walked some of the treacherous parts of the trail) at Silver Falls State Park, ran the streets of my state capital, and trekked to Central Oregon for the Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival. (I’ll be sharing more on that experience later!)

June has been a weird month. It’s been my lowest-mileage month of the year. The difference between training and maintaining, I suppose. I’m in a serious maintaining zone right now but starting to feel anxious to have something to work towards again. I guess it’s time to get something on my calendar!


*This week*

Isn’t summer suppose to be slow and consist of easy days in a hammock by a pool or body of water?

I wish!

I’ve had an incredibly busy week. Three days out-of-town for a work training and then, after one night at home, a trip to Central Oregon for the Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival.

The highlight earlier in the week was an amazing little trail running adventure at Silver Falls State Park in the Willamette Valley, near Salem, Oregon. Oh my, amazing! And the perfect way to finish the day after a 4 AM wake up call, an hour-and-a-half drive, and 8 hours in training!

One of several falls at Silver Falls State Park.

So beautiful and serene!

The path to bliss!

Tomorrow morning I will be running the Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival half marathon. At packet pickup this afternoon it was 99 degrees. EEK!

Holy hotness!

My race strategy is to just finish! I’m not too concerned with my time or “racing”. From what I saw, I’m going to enjoy the course and the scenery in my favorite part of Oregon! Plus, I get to support my friend who is walking the half. It is her first ever event and I’m so excited for her!

Aside from that, I have a couple new blog posts up on Run Oregon! If you’re interested, you can find my previews of two Oregon-area races here: Lostine River Run and Mountain Madness 5k and 10k.

I hope you are staying cool and enjoying summer in a hammock somewhere!

*Weekly mileage ~ June 15-21*

Mileage for the week of June 15th – June 21st

Total weekly mileage: 26.75

Total June mileage (to-date): 76.5

Total year-to-date (2015) mileage: 1,084.75

Run review:

6/15            29:38 min./3.25 mi./9:07 pace

6/16            No run

6/17           42:03 min./5 mi./8:25 pace

6/18           43:59 min./5 mi./8:48 pace

6/19           24:45 min./2.85 mi./8:40 pace

14:24 min./1.65 mi./8:41 pace

6/20           27:47 min./2.75 mi./10:06 pace (+.25 mi.)

6/21           47:28 min./6 mi./7:55 pace

Finding my groove after being sick last week was a challenge but I’m grateful for the miles I did get in! The highlight of my week was catching up with Bart Yasso on Saturday for a pre-Vancouver USA Marathon shakeout run. I didn’t race the event this year but couldn’t miss a chance to say hello to Bart!


One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet!

Have a great week!!

*Beanies and Bart*

Whew. FriYAY is here!

We kicked the weekend off in Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking land with a yard sale. Holy moly is it a LOT of work. And I feel like I’m barely making a dent. But there is something sweetly satisfying about selling iconic 90’s stuffed animals to unassuming kids.

Remember Beanie Babies?


This is my “WTF” face.

What in the hell were we all thinking? Am I right?

Aside for the Beanie Baby debacle, I’m super stoked that my buddy Bart Yasso is in town for the Vancouver USA Marathon this weekend. I met him one year ago, tomorrow, and am thrilled that I have the opportunity to say hi and run with him when he leads a shakeout run in Vancouver, WA, in the morning. I also had the privilege of saying hello to him at the Boston Marathon expo in April!


Just another day hanging out with Bart.

While I’m not running the Vancouver USA Marathon this year, it is a great event. And because of Bart, it will be a fond memory for years to come, despite my performance. I mean, really! When you approach the finish line and hear your name being called by Bart Yasso, well, that is pretty dang awesome!!!

Finishing to the sound of Bart Yasso announcing my arrival.

Finishing to the sound of Bart Yasso announcing my arrival.

This photo makes me smile!

And just because…

Hey, if you need any Beanie Babies, let me know!