*Dare to dream*

Yesterday I received an email from a friend that contained a link to a wonderful little article about making big goals a reality. In the subject title, my friend wrote: “on YOUR way to Boston!!”

(Thank you, Woody! I am so blessed with great friends that surprisingly don’t think I’m nuts… or at least as far as I know… that offer so much support and encouragement.)

The author writes the blog No Meat Athlete. In his article, which can be found here, he wrote about a big, scary goal he had set for himself and talks about the five steps he took to accomplish it. While he shared several examples of different goals that he applied these five steps to, the main one he wrote about was his goal to qualify for Boston. Ah, a kindred spirit!

I love his insight and as I was reading through it I kept finding myself checking off each one in my head as I made my way down the list. One of my favorite things he said was in reference to step two:

“From the minute you set that big goal, you had better be buzzing with enthusiasm and itching to start. If the excitement doesn’t keep you up at night because you can’t stop thinking about it when you’re lying in bed, then this goal isn’t it.”

A couple of days ago, the Seattle Marathon posted a picture online with a caption that essentially read: 13 days to go! (EEK!) When I saw it, my heart started racing. Seriously. I felt that familiar buzz of excitement just thinking about how much closer I am to achieving this goal of mine. And it’s been that way since I first really started to consider it back in February. I know this goal is “it”! It is going to happen sooner or later…

Go read the article. Dream big and get to work. Energy flows where intention goes so start by believing that your dream, whatever it might be, is possible!


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