*Weekly mileage*

Mileage for the week of April 7th through April 13th:

Total weekly mileage: 45.5

Total April mileage (to-date): 85.75

Total year-to-date mileage: 666

Run review:

4/7       No run/rest day

4/8        31:46 min./4 mi./5:57 pace

(Plus 1 mi. with RGR)

4/9        59:06 min./7 mi./8:27 pace

4/10        4.25 miles (broken up into 4 mini runs of varying paces)

4/11        No run/rest day

4/12        26:16 min./3 mi./8:45 pace

4/13        3:35:01 min./26.2 mi./8:13 pace *Vernonia Marathon

As I reflect on the past week and how it culminated yesterday at the Vernonia Marathon, I fear any second now I’ll wake up from this amazing dream! Fortunately, I don’t think I’d “dream” about being this dang sore so I think I’m safe! ; )

There will be a full recap of my experience within the next couple of days. I’m still riding the high and don’t think I’ve stopped smiling since I crossed the finish line!

Have a great Monday, everyone!!


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