*Heal lock lacing technique*

They say that you learn something new every day. I learned a neat little trick yesterday that made me think that if it is beneficial to me, it might be to you too.

As my trip to Utah to run Ragnar Zion approaches, I’m working to get my gear in order. That means I got to go pick up my very first trail running specific shoes yesterday! I’m so excited to hit the trail tomorrow to begin breaking them in!!

Anyway, I tried out a few different brands and styles. I love Brooks and have been running in the PureFlow line for the past few years. However, I wasn’t super crazy about the fit of either of the styles I tried so on a whim, (okay, I was attracted to the color) I decided to give Saucony a try.

I immediately liked the way they felt… not too heavy but stable and supportive. And, the sole has great grip for traction! The only problem with them is that because my right foot is slightly smaller than my left, my heal was slipping a little during my test run in the store. The left shoe fit perfect with no slippage so I didn’t want to go down a half-size but I was concerned about how loose the right one was.

While I’ve seen a few sources provide information on alternate ways of lacing shoes, I never paid much attention to them. When the sales rep re-laced my shoes to created a more snug fit, my mind was blown by its effectiveness! No slipping! I rarely even use the upper two eyelets on shoes. Most often because the laces are never long enough. (Another problem that can be solved by an alternate lacing pattern.) Essentially, he threaded the laces out through the second from last (at the top) eyelet and then back in the top one before crossing it over to the other side. It makes a little loop like this:

It's like I'm learning to tie shoes all over again!

I’m learning to tie shoes all over again!

The laces are then threaded through the loop. Once they are pulled taut they stay put really well. Brilliant I say!

Snug and secure!

Snug and secure!

It is amazing how much of a difference it can make in the fit and feel. Out of curiosity, I went looking for a little more information and came across this site which explains what I learned is the Heal lock lacing technique.

There you have it! Pretty cool, right? I’m off to enjoy a quiet Saturday night. My first night home in about a week! I dressed up for the occasion too. Have a great evening! ; )

Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter!



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