*Sticks and stones*

I’m not exactly sure how to start this post… I have just returned from one of the craziest running adventures ever and I can’t wait to share it with you! But before I do, I’m addressing this comment that I received because it’s been on my mind for about 6 days now. While it makes my heart a little heavy, it hasn’t dampened my spirit. Nor has it dampened my belief that I’ve been gifted the power and passion to uplift people who are seeking to live healthy, active, and joyful lives.

Here is the comment I received:

Dear Hyla,

Let me preface this by saying I know from the bottom of my heart you mean well and love running. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, after all we need healthier ppl in Portland. Furthermore, being a fan of running I like to peruse running blogs and came across yours. After this latest Boston Marathon post, I have no choice but to say that I find your blog to be the most narcissistic and offensive thing I have ever read. You love to wax poetic about how running in the Boston marathon is a great dream of yours, but a dream is a fancy excuse for people to not do something. If this is your dream, then get a job and earn the money to make the trip over to Boston with your family. I don’t understand how anyone in their right mind can watch people run on TV. You do realize there are a lot more pressing current events worldwide than this marathon right? Like say the impending invasion of Ukraine, or maybe the ferry that has killed 159 people not to mention the missing 143 passengers. Take this with the spirit it is intended, but you really need to get over yourself. You appear to have a husband and 2 kids. You need to take care of your family and stop putting running over everything. It is blogs like this that wax poetic about sheer nonsense rich with flowery useless adjectives which is why the terrorists hate us. Please get a clue, stop being so narcissistic and obsessed with yourself and look around at the world and more importantly your family, and think rather than bettering myself 24/7, how can I better them?


Swimmer Guy

WTF, right? (I copied and pasted so this is word-for-word.)

My intention by posting this is meant to be a reminder that this space is MINE. I am exercising my right to publish content that I wish to share with the world. This is a running and wellness website/blog where I write to hold myself accountable to my dreams, share information that I feel might be useful or beneficial to others, grow my running community, and hopefully inspire my readers and followers to live their life at their highest potential.

While I am very aware of, and sympathetic to, the tragic events so many people face, this is not a world news or current events blog. I will continue to “wax poetic” about my love of all things running using “flowery useless adjectives” without any hesitation. So I suggest that if you find my content to be self-centered or narcissistic I highly recommend that you find another blog more suited to your preferences.

Furthermore, malicious, unkind, rude, or mean-spirited comments will not be tolerated.

I have poured my heart and soul out here on my website. I have opened myself up in a very public way and I knew from the start that I could potentially be the target of this very thing. From what I’ve experienced over the past year, this type of occurrence is probably pretty isolated. I find solace in knowing that so many people appreciate what I have to offer and I’m always so grateful when someone writes to tell me that I’ve inspired them in some way. Running, and sharing it with others, whether by writing about it here, volunteering time to mentor young runners, coaching, or running and being active with my own children is so rewarding and fills me with a powerful sense of purpose.

For those of you that read my blog, offer supportive words of encouragement, sweet notes of congratulations when a goal is accomplished, or have become part of my global running community, thank you for being so radically awesome!!!


19 thoughts on “*Sticks and stones*

  1. WTF is right. I reread the Boston Marathon post, and I don’t understand how that post in any way corresponds with his comments, to the point where I can’t take him seriously. There are truthfully a TON of narcissistic running blogs out there, but yours has never struck me that way. At least your troll was super polite about it?

  2. Good for you Hyla! You should be able to write about what you love and what inspires you on your personal blog. What someone chooses to write about on a blog doesn’t have to include every thought or idea they’ve ever had or believed in. Congratulations on reaching your qualifying goal!

  3. Love you, love your blog. Inspiring to me because of your open and honest heart and I live variously through your dream. He’s an online bully and he can unsubscribe if he’s so opposed to the content. Sheesh!

  4. Hyla,
    people like swimmer guy should have been drowned at birth…. he is only angry because of his short comings. He is a hater loathing in self-pity. I wouldn’t let that person effect your victories or challenges. What you wrote was proof enough that you do this for not only your self but for others. You are an inspiring person and we love you for who you are.

    • While I wish no ill on anyone, I realize this guy is angry at someone/something and I hit a nerve. I felt hurt at first but I really just feel bad that this person can’t experience the same kind of joy I feel by living in my passion. To each their own I guess. Thank you!! ❤

  5. Hyla,
    You have inspired me, and I suspect many others, in many ways. I always look forward to reading about your progress with running. It has encouraged me to reach for loftier goals. Even though I’ve only tried one of your recipes (brussel sprouts!) in your Fuel Friday posts, they are a constant reminder to me to try to eat healthier. As a yoga instructor, you have introduced me to another means of getting healthier.
    This guy is nothing but a miserable troll looking to make others miserable too. I don’t believe for a bit that he is a “fan of running”. I have loved every blog post I have read, including the one about Boston! You are a very kind, smart, positive, and inspiring person. More people need to be like you, especially this nimrod. Please don’t let anything he wrote bother or change what you have been doing! Boston, here you come!!!

    • Thank you, Bob! That means so much to me!! I am grateful to be surrounded by so many people that understand and get it. We each have to follow our own path and while it may not resonate with the next guy, we have to be true to who we are and the pursuits that give us great joy. Life is too short and I will not let him take away my pride in what I’ve accomplished thus far, and what I have yet to accomplish in the future!!

  6. What a jerk! I love reading your blog! You are obviously passionate about running and choose to share this aspect of your life with your readers. You are so right – this is your space and if you don’t like it don’t read it!

    PS Can’t wait to hear about your Zion experience. It seems like it was a pretty interesting weekend down there.

    • Right!? I don’t know why someone would even bother to leave such an absurd comment if they didn’t like what I had to say. I just can’t figure it out. But I’m enjoying the heck out of the comments I’m getting. I wasn’t trying to solicit an outpouring of love but I sure am feeling it!
      And oh yes, Zion was nuts!! Stay tuned!! ; )

  7. I’m confused. Is this how he’s combating the hatred terrorists have for us, by sending out comments about how people need to get over themselves? I’m pretty we could ALL get over ourselves, and they’d still want to wipe the country off the face of the planet. The spirit in which that email was was mean spirited, and clearly had nothing to do with you. Probably a bad day in the pool for Swimmer Guy, and he needed to vent his misplaced angst.

    Congratulations on Boston, and keep on running!

  8. There’s one in every crowd, isn’t there? Sounds like a jealous sort to me. You have the support of your entire family and have inspired your children and others in your community. You are truly admired and loved and the life you share on your blog is just that .. your life .. your blog. If someone feels that way they should uninvite themselves into your life .. your blog. Boston .. here we come!!

  9. I can’t believe I missed this. Whoa….don’t even know what to say. I quite enjoyed your Boston post and thought you looked pretty cute watching the race too. Husband and I did the same thing! Love your blog and you.

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