*Weekly mileage and April review*

Mileage for the week+ of April 21st through April 30th:

Total weekly mileage: 45

Total April mileage (to-date): 168.75

Total year-to-date mileage: 749

Run review:

4/21       No run/rest day

4/22        38:14 min./5 mi./7:39 pace

4/23        41:25 min./5 mi./8:17 pace

4/24        44:28 min./5.5 mi./8:04 pace

4/25        30:22 min./3.1 mi./9:48 pace*

4/26        1:43:02 min./8.2 mi./12:20 pace*

4/27      No run/rest day

4/28      27:19 min./3.25 mi./8:25 pace

4/29      39:21 min./5 mi./7:51 pace

4/30      1:23:30 min./10 mi./8:21 Pace

April Review:

Total miles: 168.75

Longest run: 26.2

Total days running: 25

Fastest run/pace: 7:39

YTD mileage: 749

Miles to goal: 1,265

I figured it would be easiest to just lump all of my remaining mileage for the past week and a half together with this review since I was totaling up all of my April stats anyway.

Not to shabby, right? With two weeks of marathon taper and then a week+ of recovery, I felt like my mileage was really low but after reconciling everything, it isn’t as low as I expected. Cool!

Another new month is upon us and while I’ve felt a little out of my groove the past two weeks (blamed on said marathon recovery and travel), I’m ready to focus on my next marathon training cycle. I have yet to figure out my plan but have a few ideas swirling about, including more speed training! Regardless, I’m excited to jump in and get to work!

Bring on May!!!


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