*May the fourth be with you*

“Do or do not… there is no try” ~ Yoda

Easy to say when you’re “trying” to get motivated to get off your butt and go run!

This past week has been a bit of a struggle for me. I’ve gotten some decent mileage in but really thought that after running Ragnar Trail Zion last weekend, I’d come home super charged and ready to hit the training hard. Except it didn’t happen the way I had hoped and I had to work really hard for the mileage I did get in.

I know that traveling last week and the change in my routine is partly to blame. Moving my rest day last week kind of threw off the whole week. Isn’t it funny how such a slight adjustment can wreak havoc on your routine? So that is why I’m trying to decide if I want to run this morning. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t wake up to an alarm or need to be anywhere this morning so I’m kind of savoring some quiet down time!! (The fact that it is a little stormy out this morning isn’t really helping the cause! Ha!)

While I ponder my next move, let me just share some fun news with you! A few days ago I was contacted by Uberthons and invited to be a part of their official The Oregon Marathon and Half Marathon blogger team! You can find the link here:Β Official Marathon Bloggers.

I had been looking for a late summer marathon and am thrilled to add the September 13th event to my racing calendar! It also takes place during Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel, Oregon! I’ve never really been to Oktoberfest so that will a fun bonus to the weekend! I’ll be sharing more information about this event in the coming weeks and months so stay tuned!

And speaking of some cool partnerships… I’ve got a couple of other really exciting things up my sleeves including a Spartan Race giveaway this week!!!! More details on that soon too!

In partnerships of another kind, today I celebrate 18 years of marriage to the love of my life. Seriously? Where does the time go???

May 4, 1996

May 4, 1996

Have a great Sunday!


2 thoughts on “*May the fourth be with you*

  1. Congrats on your anniversary. How exciting! And how cool that you will be a marathon blogger. What fun stuff! Don’t sweat the post run lack of running love. It happens to all of us and no doubt you will wake up soon and be revved up and ready to go!

    • Thany you! Great advice to not sweat the lack of motivation. It is easy to get frustrated/discouraged but I know it is better for me to really pay attention when I feel this way. Usually I just need a little extra down time and I’m good to go! Have a great day!!

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