*VUM Kids Marathon*

As a mother and runner, witnessing my children discover running has been one of my greatest joys! While I’ve been encouraging and supportive, I’ve never pushed my kids into a sport. We’ve tried several. Some have stuck. Others not so much. That could be true of running too. Only time will tell. But right now I’m loving the fact that I can share my own passion for being healthy and active with my kids through running. I know that regardless of what activities they choose to do in the future, my influence will help shape that for them. It is a pretty cool feeling!

My youngest, who is 12, has increasingly expressed interest in running. He ran cross-country last fall, and while we opted against doing track this spring, we are already talking about the upcoming cross-country season. Oh man, does that make my heart happy!

Love that determined face!

Love that determined face!

But I’m really excited that we don’t have to wait until the fall to get him running again… I presented him with an idea that I think is really, really cool. I thought would be fun for us to do together and he wants to do it!

The Vancouver USA Marathon is doing a kids marathon for kiddos 5-12 years of age! The concept is really neat! I’ve never heard of this or seen it done before so I’m really interested in seeing how it plays out for us over the next month.

Basically, over the next few weeks, my son will log 25 miles. We can break it down however we want… a mile here, two there, etc., as long as he runs a culmination of 25 miles before the event. The final 1.2 miles is run as a race on June 14th, as part of the VUM race weekend. It will be chip timed and the kids get a bib, a shirt, and a medal!!! Not to mention prizes for best costume (with a red, white, and blue theme) and the most “energetic” kid.

How cool is that?!?!

It is super affordable too. Prior to 4/15 it was only $10 to register. Prices do increase closer to race day but even then it is still priced reasonably.

Given that we are just 30 days away from race day, it is time to get started! I’m looking forward to getting my son out this evening for his first run since the end of XC season.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes! Click on the following link for all of the information about the Vancouver USA Kids Marathon and some of the other events they are offering during VUM race weekend!!


4 thoughts on “*VUM Kids Marathon*

    • Yeah, you bet! I’m probably slightly more excited about it than my son is, but I think it will make for some good mother/son bonding time as we log those miles. ; ) I’m not sure where the idea originated from but I think it would be awesome to see something similar at more events!

  1. What a great idea! I somehow avoided all sporting activities when I was a child but looking back I wish I had things like this to work towards. And great mother-son bonding time to come!

    • While I did play sports growing up, I look back wishing I had done track or cross-country. Running has given me so much. I wish I had discoverd it sooner! ; ) Yes, I’m looking forward to the 1:1 time with my boy!!

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