*Don’t forget the Body Glide!*

I wish I had a cooler excuse for being absent here the past few days but mostly it’s been a combination of busy and lazy. ; ) Last week was a full one and when the weekend finally rolled around, I just wanted some down time! Aside from running of course. I did manage to log more than 30 miles since Friday!

This also happened:

Getting shorter, and shorter, and shorter...

Getting shorter, and shorter, and shorter…

Honestly, I’ve been working my way towards a short(er) cut for months… years, actually. Baby steps! I hope to pull off a pixie at some point but finally found my “brave” and went shorter than I have ever gone before. It is an adjustment. I love the idea of having short hair but since it’s naturally curly, it can be a little crazy. It’s rare that the actual result of a cut matches the image I’m shooting for. I’m embracing it though. Change is good!!!

Back to running!

This morning, I had the opportunity to run with a group of runners local to my area that I had not run with before. My running… buddy, friend, partner… (I’m not sure what to call him…BFP?) and I had planned a long run this morning but when we learned of a couple of acquaintances that were going to run part of the same route, we timed it to connect with them. We thought there would be two but it ended up being a group of five, so 7 of us total.

I’ve been on a mission to grow my running community this year and I soaked it up today. There is something really magical about being surrounded by people who “get it”!

That portion of the run was great and I always love running with my BFP, Bob. However, I struggled a bit this morning for various reasons. Including this one. And I only share this with you with the intention of providing a service to you.

Do not… I repeat: DO NOT! forget the Body Glide!!! Or whatever chafing prevention product you use.

Long run essential!!!

Long run essential!!!

In my mad dash to get out the door on time this morning I overlooked one very crucial running essential. I paid for it too. The result of my oversight was some serious irritation in unmentionable locations. Compounded by a soapy shower, I’ve been a grumpy mess all afternoon!

TMI? Sorry. But seriously, it got me thinking about my pre-run rituals and how on earth I could have missed such an important and neccessary step in getting ready. So, I’m curious! What does your pre-run prep look like? I’m not talking pre-race prep, but what do you do to get yourself ready and out the door for a run on a consistent, regular basis?

I’m off to enjoy what is left of my weekend. The wine seems to take my mind off the chafing discomfort so I’m going to pour another glass, get my legs up, and plan my training for the week.



8 thoughts on “*Don’t forget the Body Glide!*

    • You would think I’d know better by now! ; ) Sadly, I knew long before I hit the shower that it wasn’t going to be pretty! haha! Thanks for the complement on my hair too! I’m diggin’ it!

  1. I know better, but I’ve still forgotten my body glide a couple of times in the last month! I always am reminded by stingy post-run showers! And I love wine! Wish I could have a glass with you! Enjoy! 🙂

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