*Weekly mileage & goals this week*

Mileage for the week of May 12th through May 18th:

Total weekly mileage: 47.25

Total May mileage (to-date): 112

Total year-to-date mileage: 861

Run review:

5/12      No run/rest day

5/13      30:41 min./3.5 mi./8:46 pace

5/14       41:08 min./5 mi./8:14 pace

5/15      43:38 min./5.25 mi./8:19 pace **+3 miles**

(1.5 miles with RGR and 1.5 miles with my son)

5/16      1:22:03 min./10 mi./8:12 pace

5/17     25:15 min./3 mi./8:25 pace

5/18     2:32:21 min./17.5 mi./8:42 pace

Despite feeling that my training is a little unorganized, I managed a decent week mileage wise. I’ll tell you what though… I struggled a lot last week. I was really sore for several days following the Hippie Chick Half Marathon last weekend and just felt a bit wiped out in general. We had a few days that hit temperatures in the 90’s which tends to wreaks havoc on my training plans too. I’m surprised that my overall mileage didn’t seem to suffer though my sluggishness was reflected in my paces.

I’m grateful for the rest day today but I am looking forward to my training this week. The Vancouver USA Marathon is less than four weeks away now. I need two more long runs to get my mileage up as close to 20 as I can get and then I’ll be tapering again. Crazy!

My goals this week include:

*Start the week with a quality rest day and get adequate sleep/rest all week.

*Eat clean, nutrient-dense meals, focusing on portion control.

*Hydrate! More water, Nuun, etc., and less alcohol.

*Goal mileage for the week is 50+ with a long run somewhere between 18-20 miles.

*One speed work session. (Tentatively scheduled for Wed. evening.)

*At least two strength training sessions and one cross-training workout.

*Continue to help my son build his VUM Kid’s Marathon mileage.


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