*Yasso is my homeboy*

Okay, well I don’t know him in real life but he follows me on Twitter. That counts for something, right?  And we are about to be acquainted, or rather I’m about to be acquainted with his Yasso 800’s. See? Besties already!!

Bart Yasso, of Runner’s World fame, is highly sought after for his guidance and wisdom about all things running. I’m really excited that I will have the opportunity to meet, and maybe run with, him next month when he comes to Vancouver, WA for the Vancouver USA Marathon. He is speaking at the expo and I know there is at least one “shake-out” run with him scheduled that weekend. (I’m also hoping to charm him into inviting me to the Runner’s World Half Marathon and Festival blogger meetup this fall! Hint, hint, Bart… if you happen to read my blog!!) Here is the expo/events schedule if you are running VUM and want to catch up with him!!

Apparently, all the cool kids have been running Yasso 800’s forever. I’m a little late to the game but finally have committed to doing a track workout tonight to run a set of 800’s.

The theory is that if you can train to run 800 meters in the number of minutes that equates to your overall marathon goal time, you’ll get pretty dang close. For example, say I wanted to run a 3:30:00 marathon. (Uhm, was that an unconscious admission of a future goal? Weird.) If I can build up to running 800 meters in 3:30, working up to 8-10 times during a training cycle, I could potentially meet, or be pretty dang close, to my time goal.

Since I’m just finally adding the 800 repeats to my training, I’m not expecting any miracles at VUM, but it will be good to get some speed work going because that is an area that I’ve really failed to do with any sort of consistency.

All that said, if you read my post yesterday, you might be wondering why in the heck I’m going to do a speed workout when I stated that I was going to take it easy because of my grumpy body. Well, for one, I’ve been looking forward to it. It is a little outside of my currently “normal” training regime and I need to shake things up a bit!! I am not going to go all out though. I read yesterday that if the end of a workout feels like the end of a race, you’ve gone too hard. That is going to be my mantra tonight!!


5 thoughts on “*Yasso is my homeboy*

  1. Awesome post! Good luck on your speed work tonight! I plan to start including yasso 800s in my training plan. I am hoping more speed work will help me improve my marathon time. I only do 400 meter repeats now and they kick my butt…so hopefully I can step up my game and make yasso my homeboy too! 😉

    • 800’s is a big step. Typically, my speed work on the track has been alternating 100 meter springs with a slow jog for a couple of miles. It’s a little intimidating but I know it will be good for me! ; )

  2. Wow, great theory and good luck with your 800’s!! I’m really starting to enjoy my track workout variations, so I’m sure you will too!! There is something exciting about it- pushing your body and seeing results!! It’s great!! You’re fabulous and will rock each and every workout!!

  3. These are great to add. I was getting ready to start doing some of these right before I got injured. I am looking forward to adding these in soon. Would love to hear what you think of them and your progress.

    • So I did 4 x 800 last night and am feeling humble this morning. Yasso 800’s are no joke! Ha! I didn’t push super hard but still got my butt kicked. I’ve got work to do and I’m already looking forward to the next time!

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