*Taper time!*

It’s funny. Or ironic maybe. This time a year ago, I’d never even run a marathon. I was training for one but had not yet run 26.2. Fast forward to today. Following a 20-mile run this morning, I’m officially tapering and it’s the fifth time in less than a year that I’m doing so. Crazy!!!

Not only is that crazy but I also ran two 20-mile training runs back-to-back. Twenty last Sunday and 20 today. Last weeks training run was awesome. Time flew by along with the miles. I felt great and so enjoyed the conversation and company of my BFP. Today challenged me a little more. We ran the same route but in reverse this time. Still great company and conversation but I guess the combination of running two 20-mile runs in 8 days, plus my normal weekly mileage, and some strenuous garden work yesterday took its toll. Either way, done and done and I’m ready to enjoy the next few weeks of lower mileage and more rest!


So nice to have this done!!!

One of the highlights today was seeing two owls! After recently seeing a skunk while out running, I started to make note of the various types of wildlife I’ve seen but I’d never seen an owl before, let alone two! We startled the first one we came across. It was in the brush along side a forested road we were traveling and it flew up into a tree as we approached it. I even commented that it was a big bird. From its perch, we realized that it was an owl! A few feet down the road I spotted the second one. This photo isn’t either of the owls we saw this morning but this is what they looked like.


Image source: oregonforests.org

I’m not certain (or an owl expert for that matter), but from what I observed, it is very likely that the owls were spotted owls which are categorized as threatened by the Endangered Species Act. Spotted owls or not, they were beautiful and such an unexpected and welcome surprise when I was needing a good distraction!

After a quick ice bath and a cup of coffee, I (re)fueled with a kale, sweet potato, sun-dried tomato, and egg scramble. Delicious!


Perfect post-run (re)fuel!

I’ve since moved onto mimosa’s. ; ) The rest of my Sunday will be spent in recovery. And by “recovery”, I mean on the couch, wine in hand, lots of snacks, legs up, movies, etc. I hope yours is great too!!


8 thoughts on “*Taper time!*

  1. You’ve had quite the year! Two back to back 20 milers is really impressive – looks like you are set for your next race. I bet it was much more pleasant to see owls rather than a skunk!

    • It has been! Thank you! Hoping so… we’ll see what the universe has in store for me. The owls were beautiful. The skunk was in someone’s yard and just looked so out of place in the middle of the city!

    • Thanks! I’ve noticed, in my limited experience, that I seem to cope better with the taper process with each marathon I run. Hoping that will be true this time too! ; )

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