*My least favorite word*

The word *should* makes me cringe. As of late, it has become my least favorite word. Actually, I hate it.

There are two reasons I don’t like the word and am attempting to remove it from my vocabulary. By definition, *should* is used to express obligation. For example…

  • I *should* fold that pile of laundry even though I don’t want to.
  • I *should* make that phone call I’ve been putting off.
  • I *should* go to that informational meeting tonight even though I’d rather not.
  • I *should* get some weeding done in the jungle front yard but I don’t know where to start.

You get the idea.

First, everything on my *should* list is stuff that I don’t really want to do. They are unpleasant obligations that require my attention even though I’d much rather be spending my precious time doing something else. Maybe if my list looked like this, it wouldn’t be so bad…

  • I *should* make myself an iced coffee.
  • I *should* go sit in the sunshine.
  • I *should* blow off my *should* list and make hummus.
  • I *should* waste some time by writing a blog post about how much I hate the word *should*.

Second, its connotation leaves me feeling like a failure. When the *should’s* don’t get done, well, they don’t get done and it I feel like I’ve been careless and irresponsible. I am an adult after all and there are things that I truly need to do. But why can’t they all be soul-fulfilling fun?

Oh, the balance of life. ; ) The weeding is so not going to happen because I have absolutely NO interest in doing so. This is not my idea of a good time at the moment…


The weeding can wait!

That phone, call? Yeah, I need to take care of some business. The meeting tonight and the pile of laundry? Yep, those will get taken care of too.

BUT, so will the iced coffee, a little time in the sun, and the hummus… done!!!

Homemade hummus!

Homemade hummus!

I hope you don’t take my post, or my attitude, too seriously. It’s all in fun. I’m craving slower days and more adventures so that is where my mind is today. At least it’s a distraction from the fact that marathon #5 is five days away!! Counting that adventure down on one hand now. Holy hummus! ; )


7 thoughts on “*My least favorite word*

  1. So true–semantics matter.

    And by the way… I thought at first that photo on the bottom of your post was of iced coffee. And then I figured out it’s hummus. Ha!

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