*Counting down to VUM*

Happy Wednesday! It has been a flurry of activity around here as the school year begins to wind down and I prepare for marathon #5 this Sunday!

I find it kind of funny but I’m seeing so many parents complain online about the end of the school year and their impending loss of peace and quiet at home once the kids are on summer break. I’m the complete opposite. I very much look forward to slower days, a break in the routine, and being able to spend time with my family on little adventures. I say, “bring on summer”!!!

There has been a lot of focus this week on getting myself ready for the Vancouver USA Marathon (VUM) too. I’ve been rocking my diet, hydrating like crazy, getting to bed a bit earlier… It seems to be working because I’m feeling pretty confident that I’m ready for marathon #5. My biggest hurdle right now is just figuring out all of my race weekend logistics. Plans keep changing due to other weekend activities, some of my responsibilities as a VUM Ambassador, and a bit of a bummer for my little guy…

We were both really excited to take on the VUM Kids Marathon. He started logging his miles and I was so impressed with his dedication to follow through! He even came out to one of my Saturday morning group runs and did a three-mile route with us. It was the longest he’d run at once since cross-country last fall!

Sadly however, we got a little busy, fell behind schedule to get his mileage in, and just when we had a plan to forge ahead and get back on track, he got sick. It was a tough decision but we decided it would be best for him to get better and not run the remaining needed miles or the race on Saturday. We are already talking about a fun 5k we could run together sometime in the near future though!!

So part of my race prep this week has included doing everything in my power to NOT get sick!!! ; )

Just four days to go!!! Tomorrow I’ll share my good, better, best goals for my race this weekend. Have a great afternoon!


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