*Rest or redemption?*

The Boston Athletics Association (B.A.A.) announced the registration dates for the 2015 Boston Marathon yesterday. Registration is done in waves, so to speak. You can read about it more in-depth on the B.A.A. website, here. The fastest runners who have exceeded their qualifying times by 20 minutes or more will get to register first, beginning on September 8th. Days later, if space remains open, the 10 minute or faster group can register. And finally the third wave, for those who qualified with 5 minutes or more, the last few days. Beyond that, the remaining openings will be filled by the fastest for their age and gender as space allows.


I didn’t qualify with a 5 minute or faster time… my qualifying buffer is currently 4:59. That means that I will not be able to register in the third wave of the initial registration period and will have to wait, and pray, that the field is not full when they reopen it.

On Saturday morning, after the shakeout run with Bart Yasso, a small group of us had assembled and were chit-chatting about our race goals for Sunday at the Vancouver USA Marathon.Β I shared that my goal was to beat my previous marathon PR (and BQ) of 3:35:01 and was hoping to finish somewhere between 3:30:00 and 3:35:00.Β A PR would have probably guaranteed that I’d at least have a shot at securing a space. In fact, Bart asked me what my qualifying time buffer was and when I told him, his response was that I’d need a bigger one.


In short, what this all means is, if I want to make Boston next year, I need a faster time. And I need it before September 8th.


My next “scheduled” marathon is The Oregon Marathon on September 13th. However, I haven’t committed to the full marathon and had been considering the half because I would like to run the Portland Marathon again, a few weeks later on October 5th.

So here is my dilemma: since I had convinced myself that I was going to make some PR magic happen at VUM, I was planning on taking it a little easy for the remainder of June, through mid-July or so, before jumping back into marathon training for my fall races (which have yet to be finalized). But now…


Do I rest or do I get back to work and redeem myself? I kind of, sort of, already know the answer to that question…



13 thoughts on “*Rest or redemption?*

  1. That’s tough, Hyla. I’m probably doing the Oregon Marathon HALF since I’m signed up for the Portland Marathon (which is on my birthdayyyy). The elevation maps look similar in terms of elevation, but with Portland Marathon having more abrupt changes, and Oregon Marathon being more gradual…

    • OMG! I ran the PDX marathon last year on MY birthday!! πŸ™‚ Kindred spirits!! I might do the same… but I’m starting to think about an Aug. marathon… am I crazy? haha!

  2. It will be interesting to see if the same interest will be there this year. Two years ago, I registered in October after the Chicago Marathon (1 min., 5 seconds under), and everyone who registered got in. I think this last year the buffer was 1 min., 38 seconds. I won’t argue with Bart Yasso though! And, I’m training for a 7 minute buffer just in case! Good luck with whatever decision you make!

  3. My boyfriend BQed last weekend and has been researching this thoroughly. According to him (who I trust 100%), if you were 1 min 40 sec under your official qualifying time last year you got in. I think 4.59 will get you there. I would stick with the half in September and PDX full in October.

  4. I actually think you’ll be fine with a buffer of 4:59. Last year, with interest at an all time high and a smaller percentage of spots allotted to qualifiers, those with an approximate 1:20 buffer got in. Next year isn’t going to be nearly as competitive. I’m no Bart Yasso, but it just makes sense. This article provides a lot of good info rewarding how 2014 was an aberration as far as excluding qualifiers goes: http://running.competitor.com/2014/05/news/boston-2015_100855

    Also keep in mind that registration for the 2013 marathon, the first year of the tougher qualifying times, didn’t fill until mid-Oct. 2012.

  5. Oh boy that is tough. I qualified last year in the same buffer as you and ended up getting shut out by a few seconds. I had planned to try to requalify but with my new job training 120 marathoners for Chicago and my current injury it is just not going to happen. So I will enjoy being your marathon fan! Nerve wracking but also exciting!

  6. Yikes…I am facing the same dilemma. Didn’t realize registration opened in September for 2015 and u was all ready registered for wineglass in new York October 2nd. I decided to let it go and hope my WG race will qualify me for 2016 boston marathon. I’ll be 35 by then too so I get a little more wiggle room. Good luck to you whatever you decide! And congrats on running a BQ race! That’s an amazing accomplishment by itself! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I’m still on the fence about what I’m going to do. I’m still in recovery mode and while I’ve enjoyed a few short, easy runs this week, I cannot comprehend a marathon at the moment! ; ) I’m with you though… worst case, I can always work towards 2016! Best of luck to you, too!!

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