*Weekly mileage*

Mileage for the week of June 23rd through June 29th:

Total weekly mileage: 47.75

Total June mileage (to-date): 178.5

Total year-to-date mileage: 1,136

Run review:

6/23      No run/rest day

6/24      44:01 min./4.57 mi./9:38

6/25      41:38 min./5.12 mi./8:08 pace (track/speed workout)

6/26      36:46 min./4.6  mi./8:00 pace

6/27     1:25:30 min./10.25 mi./8:20 pace

6/28     30:46 min./3 mi./10:15 pace

*Plus*  4 x 800’s w/400 recover between sets, plus 800 warm-up & 1200 cool-down (4.25 mi. total)

6/29     2:31:22 min./16 mi./9:28 pace

My overall mileage was a bit of a surprise when I tallied it up! I got is some quality workouts this week including two speed sessions and a long run, I ran with someone I’d never run with before, I ran with my son, and I ran a super hilly long run with my BFP. It was a good week!

Monday’s are typically reserved for resting but also planning for the training week ahead. I have an idea of what I want to accomplish this week but I haven’t formulated my plan of attack yet so I’ll be spending some of my evening later getting things in order. But first, I’m off to teach my Monday evening yoga class!

I hope your week is off to a great start!



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