*June was rad!*

Hello JULY! It’s gonna be a juicy month and I’m ready to dive in deep to all of the things I love so much about summer! Sunshine filled days, lounging by the pool, late nights outdoors, adventures, garden-fresh meals, smoothies galore, and being surround by people who I adore.


This morning, following an early run to beat the heat of the day, I finally sat down to loosely outline my goals for the month. It’s a starting point at least. In conjunction,  I also took a few minutes to look back over the month of June. Not just goals, but some of the highlights of the month. Some running related, some not. It often becomes too easy to forget how full our lives are when we allow ourselves to get caught up in the day-to-day.


One of my favorite memories from June.

June was pretty stellar month! Here is what my list of highlights included:

  • Hiking with my dad at Forest Park in Portland on a Tuesday morning.
  • Hiking with my daughter on a trail in the Mt. Hood National Forest and stopping at the summit to enjoy a surprise pastry I brought from our favorite bakery.
  • Running a 5K as a “mobile cheerleader” with a 10-year-old girl whose love of running melted my heart. Seriously.
  • Witnessing my kids finish up their school year which brings some big moves in the fall. (I will have a senior in high school. EEK!)
  • The whole Vancouver USA Marathon (VUM) experience: marathon #5, my participation as an ambassador, helping at the expo, and…
  • Meeting the very fantastic Bart Yasso.
  • Kayaking for the first time and sharing the experience with my daughter and good friend.
  • And a super fun surprise that I’ll share tomorrow. ; )

A good month indeed!!! As far as running goes, here’s my stats for the month.

June Review:

Total miles: 178.5

Longest run: 26.2

Total days running: 23

YTD mileage: 1,136

Miles to goal (2,014 for the year): 878

In the same spirit, I had a pretty great running month too! Marathon months typically yield lower mileage on average. And considering I only ran 23 out of 30 days in June, I’m good with 178.5 miles!!

So what does that mean for July? Well, after a lot of careful consideration following VUM, and whether or not I wanted to make another attempt at running a faster Boston qualifying time before registration opens in September, I decided not too.

I’m a little shocked too. ; )

Seriously though, I’ve decided to put my energy into training hard this summer so that I can kick butt at the Oregon Marathon in September rather than try for a Hail Mary that would probably end unfavorably. It also affords me a little extra time so that I can truly enjoy all of those aforementioned things I love about summer!

My goals for July include:

  • Maintain high mileage and consistently include a weekly long run of 15+ miles.
  • Include two speed sessions each week and at least a hill repeat workout or a super hilly run once per week.
  • Continue to strength train a minimum of three times a week but adding more lower body and core training.
  • More yoga. (Preferably outside on the deck in the sunshine!)
  • Eat. Clean. Always.
  • Have fun and make space in the training plan for lots of running adventures.

I’m also going to design (myself) or invest in (created by someone else) a real training plan which will be implemented by July 15th.

Ok. Let’s go!

Happy July!!


7 thoughts on “*June was rad!*

  1. Wow! June WAS a rad month! The hikes with your dad and your daughter sound fun and you got lots of awesome running in! I did my 5th marathon in june too…my 6th is this october. I just started my training. You have some great training goals – I’m sure you’ll rock the Oregon marathon in September! 🙂

  2. A smart decision not to go for that Hail Mary race. I think you’ll be fine when it comes to Boston registration!

    I’m so jealous of your greenery! I think I might actually like hiking more if I had Mt. Hood nearby!

    • Thanks. I’m content with the decision I made. Stepping back and looking at the big picture was the way to go!
      We are blessed with an abundance of green! I do love Oregon and the Pacific Northwest and even though I often dream of living somewhere a bit warmer, this place really does have my heart! ; )

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