*Returning to the routine*

Oh my!!! I haven’t posted in 11 days! It is hard to believe how quickly time passes sometimes, isn’t it? I’m glad to be back though!!

I was off adventuring for a portion of those 11 days… spending lots of time with family and friends (including a birthday celebration), exploring natural wonders, running, and drinking lots of wine.Β  I am a blessed girl!

One of the highlights of my trip was visiting the stunning Smith Rock in Central Oregon. As a kid, whenever we passed through the area, my dad would joke that Smith Rock (Smith is my maiden name) was name after our family. I’ve felt its magical pull ever since. Last Friday, I headed over Β there and ran 5.5 solo, and very hot, miles on trail along the Crooked River. I also hiked a challenging route that takes you to the famous rock formation, Monkey Face. I was totally blissed out every single second!!

I ran all but one day while I was off playing. It was so nice to have a change in scenery! I love Central Oregon and would live there in a heartbeat if the right opportunity came along. Just sayin’! ; ) I’m already ready to go back!

Central Oregon sunset.

Central Oregon sunset.

In the two days I’ve been home, it has been a whirlwind of getting back into the usual routine. While we are already halfway through the month, I’m looking forward to making the most of the second half. All of my recent runs have been fantastic and fun but I’m kind of feeling ready to train again. Ready to push myself a bit harder than I have been. I find comfort in the structure of working towards a goal so I’m excited to see what the next few weeks bring!


7 thoughts on “*Returning to the routine*

  1. That looks like such a beautiful vacation. It is always so nice to get out and run on vacation. The change in scenery is like meditation to me. I find I almost run more on vacation than I do at home because I want to keep exploring.

    • I love that part of Oregon so much! I think I run more when I’m away too! I love to explore my surroundings and take in sights that I don’t get to at home. Plus, it helps keep me balanced with all of the overindulgence that tends to happen while vacationing! ; )

    • Yes, Misery Ridge! I hiked that trail with several water breaks. It was in the mid-80’s when I hit the trail around 9 AM, in full sun. It was hard to feel miserable though. It is just too beautiful! ; )

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