*Leap and the net will appear*

What I originally thought was going to be a light week has anything but! Isn’t that typical? Ha! I finally feel like I’ve reached the end of the tunnel though so I’m grateful for that!

I’ve spent the past few days getting some stuff in order to finalize my upcoming cross-country coaching gig this fall. Several forms, a five-hour CPR/First Aid class, a drug screen, an hour worth of fingerprinting (I fear I may have had an interesting past life!), and more forms culminated in this:


Fortunately, I look waaaayyyy better now than I did in middle school as a student!

There are still some online classes I need to take and lots of studying, learning, organizing, and planning lies ahead. But having this part of the process done feels really good.

Earlier this morning I read that the things that we are passionate about are not random. They are our calling. I thought about that while I was finishing the final steps to officially become the head cross-country coach this fall at our local middle school. (Fun fact: I’ll be coaching at the very middle school I attended!) It made me smile to think that this might be my calling. Coaching, in several different capacities, is high on my list of goals for myself. So yes, I do feel “called” to it.

Anyway, it’s official and I’m ready to take the leap!


2 thoughts on “*Leap and the net will appear*

    • Thanks!! It is so true. Sometimes it seems so hard to remember to follow our hearts and pursue our passions but isn’t that “the” dream? Get paid to do something you love? I feel like I’m on the right path. 🙂

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