*July’s magic, training and life*

Last month, I began my monthly recap by listing out some of the highlights I had experienced over the course of June. Not just running related but life highlights. Because gosh, sometimes I get so wrapped up in the day-to-day that I forget how fantastic my life is.

I’m reading a book right now that has me mesmerized by the authors enchanting, magical journey. As adults, I think we sometimes forget to see the magic that surrounds us because we fail to look for it. I shared this quote on Instagram yesterday…

“I really don’t believe in faeries. But I really want to. Not just for me but for all of us. Because we are battered by adulthood – by taxes, by loss, by laundry, by nine to five, by deceit and distrust, by the crushing desire to be thin, wealthy, successful, popular, happy, in love. All the while, we are walking on a planet that is disintegrating around us.” ~ Signe Pike

I don’t want to miss out on the magic of each and every day because I’m so wrapped up in life’s responsibilities… battered by adulthood…

Some of my favorite July moments included:

  • Running the Fit Right NW First Thursday Urban Adventure Run with my girl, Kelcie.
  • Celebrating our independence on the Fourth of July surrounded by family and friends.
  • Witnessing my son run his first 5K.
  • Enjoying the heck out of running trails, solo, at Smith Rock in Central Oregon.
  • Waking up in a tent four mornings in a row.
  • Viewing some of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen.
  • Watching a magical moment when a huge monarch butterfly landed on Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking.
  • Skinny dipping… I’ll leave it at that. ; )
  • Watching my nephew, who lives out of state, play baseball for the first time.
  • Going to an outdoor concert with great friends and enjoying some wonderful wine.
  • Kayaking for the second time with my friend Woody and my daughter.

July Review:

Total miles: 155.5

Longest run: 16

Total days running: 28

YTD mileage: 1,297.5

Miles to goal (2,014 for the year): 722.5

July was my lowest mileage month since the beginning of the year though I ran more days than I had in any of the preceding months. That will change this month as I begin to increase my mileage in preparation for the Oregon Marathon in September. In the first three days of August, I’ve dropped under 700 miles to meet my yearly goal of 2,014 so it’s fun to see the number of miles-to-go decrease!

August is going to be a busy one but lots of great things are in store too. Hope your month is off to a great start!


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