*Weekly mileage*

Mileage for the week of July 28th through August 3rd:

Total weekly mileage: 45.75

Total July mileage: 155.5

Total August mileage (to-date): 25.75

Total year-to-date mileage: 1,317.25

Run review:

7/28      30:15 min./3.25 mi./9:19 pace

7/29      35:48 min./4.5 mi./7:57 pace

7/30      No time… Garmin died… 3 miles

track/speed workout… 4.25 miles total

7/31      47:39 min./5 mi./9:31 pace

8/1        8:59 min./1.15 mi./7:49 pace

24:30 min./3.10 mi./7:55 pace

8/2        46:35 min./4.5 mi./10:21 pace

8/3        2:25:07 min./17 mi./8:32 pace

I love it when I lose myself in training. Sometimes I find that I’m oblivious to the total mileage each week. And then I tally everything up and think, “wow, I had a great week of training and didn’t even realize it”. Sure, I could be a little more focused and intentional with my training but I’m still doing the work without all of the anxiety over how it will all come together. It just does.


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