*Relay survival guide*

One week from today my Hood to Coast adventure will begin! I feel particularly lucky that the Mother of all Relays is right in my backyard. Almost literally. Runners will be passing near my home by less than two blocks away! However, my journey will first take me to Seattle to meet the rest of my Nuun teammates! (And you can meet them HERE too!)

I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve been able to run HTC several times over the years. Most often, I’ve filled in last-minute for someone who had to drop out due to an injury or conflict. And with what seems to be an explosion in popularity of relay type races, I’ve had the privilege of running two Ragnar relays too. You can check out what I wrote about these events by following these links: Ragnar Las Vegas part 1 and part 2, and Raganr Trail Zion.

I would nowhere near consider myself an expert on running relays but I’ve learned a few useful things over the years. This is just the tip of the iceberg though because truly, one must experience it themselves to understand how crazy and fun running a relay is. There will be moments when you question your sanity and moments that you feel elated. Hopefully my Relay Survival Guide will help get you off on the right foot!


Relay Survival Guide


3 thoughts on “*Relay survival guide*

    • Where are you located? I see teams advertising year-after-year that they are in need of a late sub… usually within a week or two of the event. I think they even have some message boards for that. If you know you’d be available, and don’t get freaked out by the thought of running with 11 complete strangers, you’d probably have a blast!

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