*The final HTC prep begins!*

I’m bracing myself for what is most likely going to be a whirlwind of a week!

I hate to think that in one week from right now, it will all be over and I’ll be back home. Boo. (Note to self: don’t think about that and stay in the present moment. Geesh!)

In three days I will be heading to Seattle to Nuun Headquarters to meet my fellow teammates. They have some fun stuff in store for us and I can’ t wait to meet my team! There are actually two teams running Hood to Coast for Nuun: team Wild Berry and team Lemon Lime. I’m on team Lemon Lime! ; )

There is plenty to keep me busy over the course of the next few days… outfit planning, laundry, gathering gear, packing, preparing snacks for the trip up and throughout the relay, squeezing in a few more training runs, getting a little extra rest, hydrating (and more hydrating!), organizing some scheduling stuff for the rest of my family in my absence (but who am I kidding because MOM WILL BE GONE!), and trying to keep my cool because I’m so, so excited! Oh, perhaps I should get a train ticket too…

You’ll probably notice that my postings here will be limited this week but you can follow my journey on my Twitter and Instagram accounts while I’m away.

Okay, I guess I should go be productive… maybe get a head start on that laundry. ; ) Have a great Sunday evening!!


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