*Eaten alive by laundry*

Earlier in the week I had hoped that by today I’d already have at least a partial recap up of my experience running Hood to Coast last weekend with Nuun Hydration.

Reality just smacked me in the face!

I jumped into this week full-speed and have barely stopped! Being gone for four days last week and then diving into this week… well, there will be a lot of catching up this weekend! I’ve got family coming for a few days too so if I’m absent here, know that it is for good cause. ; )

Cross country officially started on Monday and so far, so good! It is going to take me a week or two to adjust to my new schedule but the kids that have come out to practice are great. I think we are going to have a fantastic season and a lot of fun.

What I didn’t take into consideration is how much more laundry I’d be doing. Holy moly! My running wardrobe isn’t very big to begin with but when you add in two running gear changes each day… I feel like I’m being eaten alive by laundry!!

Alright. Off for now. Time to get my run done. And start another load of laundry! I leave you with a little teaser of my HTC experience. Have a great day!


Happy to cross the finish line and see my teammates cheering me in!


3 thoughts on “*Eaten alive by laundry*

  1. Yay for cross country season. How exciting! My husband and I just had this talk the other day. We had a ton of laundry and as I was folding it I commented on how many shirts he tends to launder and the fact that most everything that was in my wash was running clothes 🙂

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