*Preface to my HTC recap*

The words are finally starting to surface. While this past week was crazy-busy, I spent a lot of time replaying my Hood to Coast experience with Nuun Hydration in my head. I think a part of me didn’t want to write a recap because it would force me to face the fact that it was over. The truth is, I never wanted it to end.

The past few weeks have been really stressful. I know everyone has their shit… health issues, failing relationships, financial trouble, debt, miserable jobs… so I know I’m not alone by a long shot. Many bloggers are often accused of only highlighting the positive aspects of their lives and I’m probably guilty of it too. But who really wants to come here to read about my problems? I wouldn’t want to.

My point is, leading up to HTC, I was in a rough place. The happy-go-lucky and upbeat Hyla that everyone knows and loves had been replaced by gloomy, bitter Hyla. I was not a lot of fun to be around. In the midst of feeling like I was being consumed by my troubles, I would find myself feeling twinges of excitement whenever I thought about my impending trip to Seattle to meet my  HTC teammates, who now feel more like family than just teammates, and take on the massive adventure of running 200 miles together.

The break in my regular routine, connecting with 28 fantastic fellow runners and Nuun employees (Nuun sponsored two teams and provided drivers for each van), and being a part of something bigger than I’ve ever experienced was so therapeutic. It was as if, for a few short days, I was extracted from the situations getting me down and I felt the weight of my burdens lift.

Reentry back into normal life, the regular routine, in addition to my new role as a cross-country coach, all while nursing the post-relay hangover that was intensified by the millions of posts, pictures, videos, and banter on social media made it all the more challenging. But now, a week later, I’ve finally started to organize my thoughts a bit better and look forward to sharing the tale of HTC from my perspective. Finding the time to sit down and write has been the biggest obstacle so bear with me. It’s coming.

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying reading some of the recaps written by my teammates. I thought you might too. Here is a partial list that link to their stories.

Dirty Old Sneakers (Check out the super cool video!)

JPC Marathoner

Liz Glomb

The Weekend Warrior

Doug Cassaro

Running Backwards in High Heels

Nuun Blog


Meet the team(s)! I love these people!! (Photo credit: http://www.nuun.com)


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