*Badass warrior*

A couple of days ago I got invited to go the spa with a few girlfriends… you know, sweat out some toxins, soak in a mineral-rich mud bath, immerse myself in a healing aromatherapy pool…


Fresh out of the aromatherapy pool!

Nah, just kidding. I did the Warrior Dash today! It was really last-minute but all of the details were taken care of and I couldn’t say no! It was a total blast and totally disgusting. (There was mud in places I won’t even mention!)

I realize doing this kind of event just 6 days shy of a marathon is probably not the most brilliant of plans but I took it slow and was extra cautious to prevent any bodily damage from occurring. Despite almost drowning (not really, but I HATE going under water), I fared pretty dang well. I am a badass warrior, after all. ; )


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