*Viewer discretion is advised*


The photographs you are about to view are real. Due to the nature of these horrific, and very graphic images, viewer discretion is advised. If you are a runner that religiously replaces your running shoes every 500-600 miles, these pictures will be especially disturbing. The following is based on factual events and real people. However, names have been changed to protect the innocent*.

These shoes belong to Eirrof* (pronounced like E-roff) These shoes were not involved in a power struggle with a lawn mower. They were not eaten by a dog. These shoes were run in, in this condition, just a week ago. And many other times in the weeks, months, and perhaps years, prior.

These shoes have seen a lot of miles. And eagles. These shoes have run along side the owners first-born on a logging road the day before her third marathon. And walked along side grand babies just learning to take their first steps. They’ve traveled trail and road and are literally falling apart at the seams. Being the frugal man that he is, always putting other needs first, new running shoes had to wait. And wait…  And wait…

Until yesterday. These babies have been retired. New shoes, new memories!

Editors note: I love you and can’t wait to run with you again soon, Dad! ; )


4 thoughts on “*Viewer discretion is advised*

  1. You are so lucky to have a dad to share many parts of your life with! Keep running like the wind! (FYI, I am still flying on my cycle!)

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