*The waiting game*

In the midst of marathon recovery, and cross-country, and sick kids, and work, and laundry (oh the never. ending. laundry), and… you get the idea, I registered for the Boston Marathon yesterday.

I’m not celebrating yet… not until after I receive final confirmation that I’m in. However, I feel like I’m one step closer and it is so exciting!

Well, except for the part about having to run a marathon… at least right now. I have not yet run since the Oregon Marathon on Saturday. Sunday I was a mess. Every dang inch of my body hurt. I took it easy. Real easy. Like I only got up off the couch to prepare food. And speaking of… what the hell? I’ve spent the past two days eating practically non-stop! Today my appetite seems to be a little more balanced thank goodness. But seriously, my hunger was out of control!

Anyway, yesterday I felt a lot better, walked a teeny, tiny bit while I was out with my XC team and did some stretching. Today, it seems I feel back to normal and this afternoon I will attempt my first run. Something easy with the team… probably 2.25-2.5 miles. That will be the true test.

If you’ve only recently begun reading Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking, the inspiration for this little space on the web was inspired by my desire to train for my first marathon, qualify for, and run, the Boston Marathon. Of course, running in general, is the underlying passion that inspires me to write and share my story. My path to qualify for Boston took some detours along the way but what a great feeling to know that I did it. Even if for some reason I don’t get in, I qualified and proved to myself that I can achieve whatever it is I dream up.


Coffee? Check! Boston shirt? Check! Boston registration submitted? Check!

So, now I play the waiting game. I’ll keep you posted! ; )


5 thoughts on “*The waiting game*

  1. I feel a lot like you — intimidated at the thought of running another marathon if I get in to Boston! Plus I have only run smaller races — my favorites being ones with 1,200 or so marathoners. Boston would be quite the experience! Fingers crossed for us both!

  2. Congrats on registering! It really is exciting and it is awesome to have just qualified. I felt the same way as you the past few days. I felt like I got hit by a train and all I wanted to do was sleep and eat. Ugh, what a mess! Fingers crossed for your entry!

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