*Go. Run. Now*

It seems that the busiest of days are the days that you need to run most, even when it seems nearly impossible to fit it in. Today is one of those days.

My life has taken an interesting turn this past week. This change has resulted in being even busier than usual. I was already feeling nearly maxed-out before I added this new “project” so it has been a little overwhelming, to say the least. Trying to keep everything balance while staying true to myself, my priorities, and passions is challenging me but I’m determined to make it work. That includes making myself, and running, a priority. Even when it would be so much easier to skip it all together.

While I’m still in recovery mode, I’m feeling antsy to get back into the routine or whatever new routine takes shape as I adjust to new responsibilities. I’ve taken three days off since the Oregon Marathon last Saturday. I did run a little with the XC team on Tuesday but yesterday I let the busyness take reign and did not run. My afternoon and evening is full but I’ve got a little window to get out soon. Busy or not, I will NOT pass up the opportunity!

So, have a great Thursday and make time for yourself, okay? Go get your run in! ; )


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