*Weekly mileage*

Mileage for the week of September 22nd – 28th

Total weekly mileage: 28.75

Total XC mileage: 2 (included in weekly mileage total)

Total September mileage (to-date): 128.5

Total year-to-date mileage: 1,598.75

Run review:

9/22       No run/rest/sick day

9/23       2 miles w/XC

9/24      39:11 min./4 mi./9:48 pace

9/25      21:34 min./2.5 mi./8:38 pace

9/26       27:55 min./3.25 mi./8:36 pace

9/27       22:26 min./3 mi./7:29 pace

9/28       2:12:28 min./14 mi./9:27 pace

Still slowly recovering from the Oregon Marathon two weeks ago. I’ve backed off my overall mileage and effort, keeping most runs easy, these last two weeks. (Except for the one this past Saturday, in which out of nowhere, I ran at an average 7:29 pace for three miles. WTH?) I’m feeling stronger every day and am  just enjoying running right now. No pressure. It is kind of nice even though I know I will soon tire of not having some goal to focus one. One day at a time, I suppose.


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