*September review*

September has come and gone. (I’m okay with that though because I adore October!!!) It was good to me and although busy, there were some really great moments!

September Review:

Total miles: 133.75

Longest run: 26.2

Total days running: 24

YTD mileage: 1,603.75

Miles to goal (2,014 for the year): 410.25

Some of my favorite September moments included:

  • The start of the new school year and the milestones of senior year and 7th grade/middle school.
  • Running my first ever Warrior Dash with a great friend and some new ones too.
  • Marathon #6 in the books. The Oregon Marathon, despite my sub-par performance, was a beautiful run and well-organized.
  • Registering for, and getting accepted into, the 2015 Boston Marathon!!!
  • Participating in the Gorgeous Relay with five fantastic peeps including BFP.
  • Witnessing my cross-country team run their first meet of the season and totally get fired up!
  • Winding down summer with a few fun gatherings with friends and family.
  • Watching my daughter play her heart out on the soccer field.
  • Proudly watching my son enjoy running.
  • Being offered, and accepting, a job that is perfect for me right now.

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