Let me preface by saying that “fangirl” is indeed a legit word, according to Merriam-Webster.

In all of the years I’ve been running and racing, I’ve never just gone to be a spectator. Weird, right? I’ve volunteered before but never, until yesterday, have I gone for the sole purpose of cheering on the runners who were swifter than I getting registered for the race. For the record, I was warned that I might feel a sense of remorse that I wasn’t participating in the Portland Marathon yesterday, but honestly, I didn’t really and that was a bit of a relief. Watching others race felt pretty rewarding in and of itself!

I knew of several people running and while I hoped for the opportunity to see them all, well, it’s a really big race and I was focused mainly on being there to cheer on BFP who ran his 51st marathon yesterday.


Complete with embarrassing sign!

It was a gorgeous morning in Portland. Unseasonably warm which I know took a toll on a lot of runners. Us Oregonians just aren’t sure what to do when it’s 85 degrees on October 5th!


The “almost” halfway point.

The outing was one of several birthday weekend festivities so I took my son along who to cheer with me and we hit up my favorite bakery in Portland before heading down to watch BFP finish. Last year, the marathon fell on my birthday. It is kind of cool to be able to commemorate another trip around the sun by doing a race. In fact, a friend whose birthday was yesterday ran the marathon to celebrate her day like I did a year ago. (Happy Birthday, Marilyn!)


My lil’ partner in crime.

I’m struggling to even consider another marathon (except for Boston of course) right now. This guy rocked his 51st like nobody’s business!


Still smiling at mile 11.

While I’d rather be racing…  most of the time… I think there will be a lot more fangirling in my future! There are a lot of fall races coming up so if you’re not running and have some free time, get out there and cheer on your fellow runners!


One thought on “*Fangirl*

  1. Yes that is rather warm for a fall marathon. I knew a few people running and got to stalk them on the athlete tracker. So fun to be on the cheering end of the race sometimes.

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