*Weekly mileage*

Mileage for the week of September 29th – October 5th

Total weekly mileage: 20.75

Total XC mileage: 9.5 (included in weekly mileage total)

Total September mileage (to-date): 133.75

Total October mileage (to-date): 15.5

Total year-to-date mileage: 1,619.5

Run review:

9/29       28:05 min./3.25 mi./8:39 pace

9/30       2 miles w/XC

10/1       35:28 min./4.5 mi./7:53 pace

3.5 miles w/XC

10/2      1.25 miles w/XC

10/3       2.75 miles w/XC

10/4       29:32 min./3.4 mi./8:40 pace

10/5       No run/rest day

Someone slacked off last week! And became a little overly dependent of getting some mileage in with the cross-country team! Guilty.

I’m in a bit of a transition right now and am juggling a lot! Just when I think I couldn’t be any busier, BOOM! Life throws me another challenge. It’s all good but these shifts take some getting used to and create the need to rearrange the schedule a bit. That includes my time dedicated to running at the moment.

It’s not an excuse… I’m just being kind to myself. I’ve got a lot I want to accomplish, training wise, and I’m looking forward to the dust settling so I can get back to what I know and love, full-speed!!


2 thoughts on “*Weekly mileage*

  1. I think that is the hardest part of training. I was working on a pep talk for my marathoners next week. And the main thing I thought of was that we are all adults and training is hard by itself. But you add in jobs and families and life and it is very admirable.

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