*The return of desire*

As the saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

The reduction of my time that I’m able to dedicate to running, due to other responsibilities the past couple of weeks, has created this absence so-to-speak. Not being able to run when I want, as long as I want, has made me miss having that freedom and as it turns out, rekindled my love affair with running. (I hate using the *busy* excuse, but yesterday I didn’t run because I was, well, really busy. And I hated it!!)

There are other factors I have to consider too…

Perhaps it’s that I hit that magical three-week post-marathon mark a few days ago which has left me feeling back to normal and somewhat refreshed and ready to go. Maybe it is due to the fact that on a daily basis, I witness a small group of young athletes flourish and discover the joys of running. I also cannot rule out the perfect running weather that we have been gifted with so far this autumn, or the fact that I’m starting to look forward to building a solid training program this winter to begin preparing for the Boston Marathon. There is a good chance that playing fangirl last weekend at the Portland Marathon and cheering on BFP, and hundreds of other runners, also contributed to this romantic feeling and has recharged my passion for running.

Either way, over the course of the last few days I find myself falling madly in love with running again. The obsessed runner in me who fantasizes about running when I should be giving my attention to something else, has returned. The desire to run has returned.

This morning I ran a blissful, solo 7 miles. It was slightly cool, but not cold, and there was a light fog blanketing the ground. I had a whole hour to myself before needing to shuffle kids around and begin the activities of the day. I took my time because I wanted to fill that hour to the max!

I’m still riding the high-vibe from this mornings run and can’t wait to get out there again tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “*The return of desire*

    • I’m taking the weekend warrior approach! Log as many miles as I can over the weekend, and any random days that I’m off or are a little lighter, and cram in what I can/when I can on the rest of the days. It’s only for a couple more weeks. Hopefully things will slow a little and I’ll find a new rhythm!

  1. I’m glad you got it back. I hope there is still hope for me. I definitely let the busy nature of life roll me over in the past month, and running kind of went on the back burner. Enjoy every minute of it! The weather IS delicious right now!

    • I’ve found it best to not dwell on what I haven’t done and instead celebrate those little runs that I’ve managed to squeeze in here and there. We all encounter roadblocks from time to time. I saw a great quote today: “if it is important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse”. Choose what makes your heart happy and go from there! ; )

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