A few days ago, Sunday morning to be exact, I ran a blissful 10 miles. It was my first solo “long” run in a while, the weather was good, and I managed to run a 7:58 pace average which made me happy. It took me just over 1 hour and 18 minutes.

During that run I thought that if, four times a week, I could carve out and hour-and-a-half, I could easily run a 40 mile minimum week. The more I thought about it, the more sure I was that it was entirely possible for me to find the time to make that happen this week and I became fixated on it.

Fast forward.

I’m not sure what made me think that I could carve out that kind of time during the week when I’m working about 20 hours at my new job, which has a commute time of 50 minutes (round-trip), coaching, teaching yoga, packing meals and snacks for three people every morning, running kids to school, picking them up after and taking them to various activities, managing the household stuff… paying bills, cleaning, doing laundry, etc., and I thought I could squeeze in 40 miles this week?

I’ve been lucky to get in a few miles here and there.

Yesterday was such a day. The rain has returned to the Pacific Northwest with vengeance. I was feeling exhausted and had a headache much of the day.  I had about an hour to squeeze something in, including time to shower and cleanup before moving onto the next activity and was not really feeling that motivated to head out into the pouring rain to run.

But I did.

And I realized on the 3.5 mile run that it’s not the hundreds of miles I’ve run or the time spent training that makes me a stronger runner. It is my dedication to running and pushing myself to work hard for what I want even when I’m exhausted, not feeling well, have very limited time and it’s a sloppy, wet mess outside.


Soaking wet and grateful for being able to squeeze in a few miles.

Next week 40 miles will happen!


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