*That’s a wrap!*

The cross-country season is officially over. Singlets have been turned in along with the rest of the gear I had in my possession. Yesterday afternoon we held our end-of-the-season party where we reminisced about our triumphs and challenges and starting talking about next year. I tried to not get all ooey-gooey in my froyo, but man, I’m going to miss those kids!

While I’m grateful to have some time freed up, I’ve actually been feeling a little melancholy about the conclusion of what was a fantastic couple of months. I seriously loved every. Single. Second. Coaching is something I’ve felt called to do for a while now and these past few months confirmed what I knew all along. I love coaching!

Our last meet was this past Sunday and I did get a little ooey-gooey and choked up when one of my 8th grade girls finished in first place. While I always feel that way about my own kids and their accomplishments, I don’t think I’ve ever reacted like that about someone else’s kid. Talk about heart-swelling pride.

Of course, what I absolutely loved the most was that I could share this adventure with my son. I have enjoyed watching him discover running and his own identity as a young runner and athlete. It is something that I hope we can share for years and years to come!


My inspiration to be the best mom, coach, and athlete that I can be.



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