*Weekly mileage*

Mileage for the week of October 27th – November 2nd

Total weekly mileage: 39.5

Total October mileage: 125

Total November mileage (to-date): 16.5

Total year-to-date mileage: 1,745.25

Run review:

10/27       30:48 min./4 mi./7:42 pace

10/28       29:38 min./3.25 mi./9:07 pace

10/29       No run

10/30       39:54 min./5 mi./7:58 pace

10/31       1:30:31 min./11 mi./8:14 pace

11/1          No run

11/2         2:22:33 min./16.25 mi. (+.25)/8:46 pace

My mileage is slowly starting to creep back up to where I like it! Running 16.5 yesterday has helped to restore some confidence in my ability to keep my long-run distance up even when I’m not super focused. The last few miles were a little uncomfortable… nothing out of the ordinary… but I hadn’t run that long since the middle of September.

I’ve got high expectations for November so I’m grateful to be finding my groove again!


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