*Weekly mileage*

Mileage for the week of November 10th – November 16th

Total weekly mileage: 31.25

Total November mileage (to-date): 89

Total year-to-date mileage: 1,817.75

Run review:

11/10       No run/rest day

11/11       38:39 min./4 mi./9:40 pace

11/12       49:44 min./6.25 mi./7:58 pace

11/13       25:04 min./3 mi./8:22 pace

11/14       No run (playing the busy card)

11/15        38:30 min./3.5 mi./11:00

11/16        2:08:04 min./14.6 mi. /8:46 pace

Last week was a little all over! While I’ve been shooting for 40+ mile weeks, I couldn’t make it happen despite having two unplanned days off from work due to weather (I did run both of those days!)… but I also took two days off.

This week is another busy one. How is it that when I expect life to slow down a little, it seems to pick up speed again at a dizzying pace? I hate playing the busy card. Like really HATE it. But sometimes you’ve just gotta deal with the hand you’re dealt, right?

Six days lie ahead of me for this week. Busy? Yes. But still committed to shooting for at least 40 miles? YES!! Let’s go!!

Have a great week!


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