*Safety PSA*

Driving home after teaching yoga last night, I saw a bicyclist nearly get hit by a small pickup truck. It was dark, wet, he/she was dressed in dark clothing, and while I did notice one small flasher, it really wasn’t enough. On top of that, he/she wasn’t following the rules of the road and basically flipped around right in the path of the pickup which was making a turn onto the street I was driving on.

What a dufus.

And a reminder.

I will likely be running in the dark tonight. I’ve been seeing many people out running and walking in the evening hours when it is dark. Most of the time they are dressed to be seen. But not always.

Do yourself a favor. Do your loved ones a favor. If you are going to be out and about after dark, awesome! Good for you! But please make sure you are wearing appropriate reflective gear! Carry a light and/or wear a headlamp. Stay on lit streets as much as you can. Watch out for vehicles… because they are not always watching out for you!

Stay safe, friends!!


4 thoughts on “*Safety PSA*

  1. What a timely post! When I was driving home last night, it was inky black even though I live in a city and we have (usually inadequate) streetlights. I saw runners wearing dark clothing and no headlamps and many regular pedestrians wearing black or dark outerwear. They were virtually invisible to motorists and it scared the crap out of me. Even though I wear a headlamp and flashing LED wrist and ankle straps when I run, I don’t think it’s enough. I went home last night and ordered a totally reflective jacket. It was expensive, but I think my life is worth it!!

    • Wow! I have to wonder why people think that they are immune to the dangers of being out in the dark without taking measures to be visible! I’ve been needing to upgrade my reflective gear. Honestly, I hate wearing it. Mostly because it doesn’t fit well but I wear it regardless. Our lives our worth it!!!

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