*2014 Holiday Wish List*

Guess what? It’s 12 days until Christmas!!!

Guess who hasn’t purchased a single Christmas gift? Me.

Those people (and if you’re one of them I’ll just apologize in advance for offending you) that do their shopping in July can suck it!

I’m late in the game, I know. I’m still trying to figure out what gifts to buy, how to budget it all without losing my mind, and when on earth I’ll even find the time to do any of it.

But this post isn’t really about any of that. It’s about me. It’s about what I want for Christmas. And I’m sure any female runner in your life might love any of these selections too. So without further adieu, I present my 2014 Holiday Wish List!

2015 wish list

2014 Holiday Wish List

1. Brooks Limited Edition Ombre running shoes. It’s like the colors are melting together from wicked fast speed. I’d run faster just because of these shoes. I know I would! $90.00-$150.00

2. Handful bras. BEST. SPORTS. BRA. EVER. If you haven’t grabbed a Handful – no pun intended ; ) – you seriously need to check them out. They are super comfortable, versatile and flattering. Great colors too! Honestly, I wear mine when I’m not running or active too. They are that fantastic!! $48.00

3. Oiselle Track Attack pant. I’ve been wanting a pair of track pants for months and I fell in love with this Oiselle version during Hood to Coast after seeing several of my Nuun teammates wearing them. You can’t go wrong with stylish and functional! $79.00

4. The Neshama Project hamsas necklace. Ok, it’s not a running-related item but this necklace has been on my wish list forever. Hamsas are a symbol of protection and is said to bring good luck, health, happiness and fortune to its wearer. Opal is also my birthstone and is one of my favorite stones/colors. $108.00

5. Oiselle Katron Vest. I’m crazy about vests. They are such an easy way to layer and great for keeping the core warm. I love the color of the Katron vest and that it 7 pockets! 7!!! $175.00

6. Believe training journal. From the brain-child of Oiselle athlete and Picky Bars owner, Lauren Fleshman, this journal looks amazing. I love journals and am old-school when it comes to training logs and just about anything handwritten. $24.99

7. Nuun Energy. I love the stuff! And who doesn’t need a little extra energy? Especially this time of year! Cherry-Limeade is still my favorite, go-to flavor, but the whole line of Nuun Energy tastes great and gets me #electrolit. (Yeah, go search that hashtag!) $24.00/4 pack

There you have it. A few of my favorite things this season that I hope I will find wrapped up and under my tree this Christmas!


6 thoughts on “*2014 Holiday Wish List*

  1. I am so happily done with Christmas shopping. I pick up stuff all year as I see things that would be good for someone I know. Although I am making a lot of goodies for people I train and other friends so I guess I am not really done. But I might have to “gift” myself those track pants.

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