*Family bonding*

“Be careful what you mention around Hyla!” Quote courtesy of my brother.

That is in reference to the fact that when we arrived at my parents house yesterday afternoon, my brother was checking out the mileage to a small lake up a forest service road just across the street from where my parents live. We immediately began to talk about running up there. Round trip it would total about 13 miles. The most he’d ever run before was 9.3 and he’d only recently started running again. He had built back up to about 8 miles but had not run a half-marathon distance before.

He was TOTALLY in.

Never mind the 2,000+ foot elevation gain. Six and a half miles UP.


Our little jaunt to Hager Lake.

And then back down.

The forest was beautiful though. Cold and cloaked in a heavy mist. In my eyes, there is nothing that a little time in nature can’t fix. It is medicinal.


My dad, brother, and I getting ready to head out for our run.

My dad, who is celebrating his birthday today, also joined us for the first little bit, which made it our first ever family run. Family bonding at its finest.

We made it all the way to the top, stopping only once, briefly to retie a shoe. I had no doubts. This is the guy that hiked the entire US portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. But I’m grateful for our adventure and the opportunity to share something I love with my little brother!



4 thoughts on “*Family bonding*

  1. I don’t think I will run with my family but we did do an epic hike in the summer with Dad and the brothers. Good for you to keep up the binding activities

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