*In sickness and in health*

My relationship with running has been challenged this week. For the first time in at least five years I’ve been sick with a nasty head cold. (Is it possible to cough up a lung?) I think I’m over the worst of it which I’m grateful for. However, I’m probably still looking at another 5-7 days before I feel anywhere close to normal.

What a great start to the new year. And what was supposed to be the beginning of my marathon training cycle in preparation for Boston. NOT.

After coming off a 60 mile week last week, to watch my mileage dwindle down to a measly 28 this week, I’ve been feeling a little grumpy about it. However, it has provided the opportunity to consider what the best practice is in regards to running when ill. Overall, I think it is a personal preference. If I feel *good enough* to run, then I’ll run. If not, I won’t. So not only did my mileage shrink this week, I also kept my runs really easy and didn’t put any pressure on myself as far as pace or distance goes.

My hope early on was that I’d run the sickness right out. Did I potentially make it worse? I don’t really think so. I believe it would have gotten worse whether I took a week off of running or not.

Generally, it is recommended that if your symptoms include congestion that resides in the chest, fever, body aches, chills, or other flu-like symptoms, you need to take some time off. If symptoms are more like a head cold… sore throats, stuffy/runny nose, etc., you probably won’t do too much damage if you continue to train as long as you do so at a lower intensity level and monitor yourself. Listen to your body! This article in Runner’s World goes into a little more detail so if you are in doubt, take the information they provide into consideration.



That all said, I’ve been lying low the past few days and failed to wish you all a happy New Year! I realize that it is already four days into the new year but I’m still planning and setting intentions for what I wish to make happen in the months to come. My first priority, besides nurturing myself back to good health, is sitting down with my new planner today to map out my plan of attack. And I’m so very ready to ATTACK!!

I hope 2015 is off to a good start for you and wish you health, happiness, and abundance!!!


4 thoughts on “*In sickness and in health*

  1. I hope you feel better soon! I once ran with the remnants of a chest infection – and it was the worst idea/most terrible run I’ve ever had. Your base fitness is so good you’ll have no trouble slotting into your regularly scheduled training plan once you’re better.

  2. Feel better soon. I don’t think you made it worse. There is a lot of evidence that with head colds a good run can help not that baby out. Even on a fever I have felt a run helping me. Take some rest and I am sure you will be back at it and killing it soon!

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