*Rolling with it*

At 7 PM last night, I found myself 45 minutes from home with an hour-and-a-half to kill while my daughter was at soccer practice. It had been a long and busy day already and I was tired! I could have sat in my car, vegged out on social media, and called it good. But since I hadn’t been able to squeeze in a run earlier and I didn’t want to miss my only opportunity, I hauled my ass out onto the track where the practice was being held and ran 7 miles.


Seven miles on the track wasn’t a lot of fun but I was grateful that the opportunity presented itself. This week has definitely proven to be challenging as far as getting workouts in. With that, I thought I’d share my three top tips that I’ve been putting into practice for keeping up on training when life gets crazy.

  • Do more when you have time to do more. I call this the weekend warrior approach. I typically get the majority of my weekly mileage in between Friday and Sunday because I simply have more free time. When I do find that I have some extra time during the week, I’m trying to do a little more. For example, on Tuesday my afternoon/evening opened up so instead of running the 7 miles I had scheduled, I added an extra one to get ahead of the game. Look for those windows of opportunity!
  • Accept your personal daily rhythms and plan around them. At the beginning of this training cycle, I “scheduled” some early morning runs. Have I gotten up extra early to actually run them? No. I know, for a fact, that I will not get up during the winter months to run at 4:30 AM. I just won’t. In the summer when it is light outside, warmer, and I don’t have to get myself and two other people ready to function for the day, sure. But I was delusional when I put those runs on my training calendar. So I’m accepting it, crossing them off my schedule, and moving on.
  • Break it down if you have to. During the week, Tuesday through Thursday, I’m aiming to block out an hour to run each afternoon. However, there are some days that I can’t get a solid hour. I can A) sacrifice my daily mileage goal and just do what I can or B) break it up into two runs. Two 30 minute runs is just going to be more manageable some days and that is okay. Don’t fear multiple workouts but also don’t stress if one shorter session is all you can do.

Above all else, sometimes you’ve just got to roll with it and be flexible. Life happens. Things come up. I’m constantly reminding myself of this and think there is great value in going with the flow whenever it becomes necessary to do so.

Happy Thursday!


6 thoughts on “*Rolling with it*

  1. Rolling with it and being flexible…such great advice! Awesome tips and nice job getting in the 7. I’m sure that wasn’t easy!! Have a Happy Friday! XOXO

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