*In my wildest dreams*

How big do you dare to dream?

While running yesterday afternoon I was struck with a thought… more like a series of questions really… why do I care so much about running? Why do I continue to train for races that I know I won’t win? For times that I will never achieve? For dreams so big that I’m embarrassed to admit to them yet wonder what it would feel like to hold something like this in my hands…

elite pass 6

In my wildest dreams.

Because I’m a grounded dreamer I suppose. My head in the clouds where I fantasize about wild adventures and being an elite runner. All the while, my feet are planted firmly here within my own reality… ie: realistic goals.

For a split second I thought, “why bother”? I could just quit trying so damn hard.

The next few thoughts following those silly questions basically were reminders to myself that in reality, they may be indeed be true, BUT I am still an athlete. I see myself as an athlete. I train like and athlete. I race like an athlete. I dream like the athlete I want to be. BIG.

I referenced a post on the Oiselle blog by Kara Goucher a few weeks ago where she talked about living the professional athlete lifestyle as she dives into her training this year. Yesterday was the start of week four of my Boston training cycle and all of these thoughts rolling around in my head had me questioning if I’m living the athlete lifestyle I want. Sure, not in a professional capacity, but in a way that reflects my own goals and reality. As they say, there is always room for improvement (strength training, core work, and stretching… oh and more speed work…UGH!) but I’m feeling like I’m on the right path and building momentum.

So I keep moving forward. Brushing off those silly thoughts that make me question my right to dream big and focusing my energy on doing everything in my power to get as close as I can to what is in my heart.

“It’s very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants to quit.” -George Sheehan 

Keep dreaming and have a fantastic Wednesday!


8 thoughts on “*In my wildest dreams*

  1. Love this.. I think every runner is a dreamer in their own way. Running is one of those things that you can’t see the progress right away, that’s why I think you sort of have to be a dreamer to love the sport

  2. Daydreaming that I’m an elite is my “go to” when I’m suffering through a run. You’re right, we’re all athletes, working toward our own individual goals.

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