*75 days*

A brutal and exciting reminder all at once: Boston is officially 75 days away!!!

In this post a few days ago, I wrote about free training opportunities with the intention of incorporating some of them into my training for the Boston Marathon. Last night I took advantage of one of said opportunities and joined a group from a Portland-area specialty running store for a track workout.


Runners gathering for a little speed work.


It was just the thing I needed!

The workout, following a 800 meter warm up, was 800 meters at marathon pace followed by 600 meters at 10k pace. I’ve never used 600 meters in a speed workout before so it was a nice way to mix things up!

Being that I suck at pacing, and following directions if I’m going to be honest, I ran the 600’s a bit faster. But that is what I was there for. To PUSH myself! I ended up with some good negative splits, a few new friends, and am already looking forward to next week!

It can be hard stepping outside of your comfort zone but it sure is worth it once you do!


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