*Weekly mileage*

Mileage for the week of February 2nd – 8th

Total weekly mileage: 65.5

Total February mileage (to-date): 82

Total year-to-date (2015) mileage: 294.75

Run review:

2/2         No run/rest day

2/3         25:41 min./3 mi./8:34 pace

8:39 min./1 mi./8:34 pace

38:46 min./5 mi./7:44 pace (800m @ marathon pace, 600m@ 10k pace, x 4)

2/4         1:36:11 min./11 mi./8:45 pace

2/5         1:03:07 min./7.5 mi./8:03 pace

2/6         1:37:11 min./12 mi./8:06 pace

2/7         23:17 min./3 mi./7:46 pace (short interval sesh.)

30:08 min./3 mi./10:01 pace

27:42 min./3 mi./9:14 pace

2/8         2:21:01 min./17 mi./8:17 pace

Whenever I reach a milestone that I once thought was unattainable, I find myself questioning why I ever doubted that I was capable of achieving it in the first place.

As my weekly mileage grows, with what seems like less effort than I expected it to be, I’m kind of laughing at myself for thinking that high-mileage weeks were too big a goal to achieve. I also once thought qualifying for the Boston Marathon was a pretty daunting goal. I am humbled by the reminder that setting an intention, hard work, and consistency pays off.

I had a great training week last week and I stepped out of my comfort zone, and routine, on a couple of occasions. It’s amazing how refreshing a little change can be! Not only did I hit the track for a group speed session on Tuesday with about 40 people I’ve never met, the following day I took advantage of a few free hours, and a dry afternoon, and went to one of my favorite places to run trails for a solo, and blissful, 11 mile run.


Trails and mud make me happy!

Now that I know I’m capable of running 65 miles in a week, I’m looking forward to knocking out 70! Not that it’s going to happen this week but it’s gonna happen at some point because I no longer doubt that it’s possible!

What else is possible???

Happy Monday!


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