*Weekly mileage*

Mileage for the week of February 9th – 15th

Total weekly mileage: 62.75

Total February mileage (to-date): 134.5

Total year-to-date (2015) mileage: 357.5

Run review:

2/9           No run/rest day

2/10         41:16 min./5 mi./8:15 pace

4:13 min./.5 mi./8:17 pace

25:07 min./3.5 mi./7:08 pace (cut-down speed sesh.)

8:33 min/1 mi./8:34

2/11         1:10:31 min./8.25 mi./8:33 pace

2/12         56:53 min./7 mi./8:08 pace

2/13         1:37:19 min./12 mi./8:07 pace

2/14         17:04 min./2 mi./8:30 pace

50:20 min./5.25 mi./9:35 pace

27:17 min./3 mi./9:04 pace

2/15         2:05:31 min./15.25 mi./8:14 pace

Considering that I don’t think of myself as a very consistent runner, pace wise, I noticed something a few days ago about my pacing on a couple of recent key runs that I’d actually accept as somewhat consistent. My paces on my Friday long-ish runs, which I aim to run at about goal race pace (7:50-8:10), have been right around an 8:06-8:07 pace several weeks in a row.

The same is true for my long runs on Sunday. I’ve been averaging an 8:12-8:14 pace. What I find really interesting, and I’m hoping it is a good sign, is that my BQ pace was an 8:13. If I’m training consistently at or near that pace, could that mean I’m potentially setting myself up to run a faster pace when I run Boston in April? I’d like to think so! Or am I over-thinking it?

Anyway, I had a good, solid week of training and today has been a great rest day! Gotta love it when rest days fall on holidays! I didn’t get out of bed until almost 8 AM. A very rare treat for me and much-needed!


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