*Turning running lemons into…*

Running lemonade! My run this afternoon was awful. But I don’t like to dwell on the negative so on to other, more lemonade-like stuff!

For the fourth straight week, I made it to the track workout hosted by Portland Running Company last night. Miraculously, it never rained on any of the days its been held on… which means we’ll get dumped on every week in March! Anyway, it’s amazing what one can accomplish when they put stuff on their calendar or to-do list!


Another great, albeit tough, track workout!


The workout was another new one to me and when I read about what we were in for earlier in the afternoon, I felt slightly nauseous.  It consisted of 800 meter repeats at current 10k pace followed by 100 meters recovery, 2 x 10-second hill sprints, another 100 meters of recovery before repeating the sequence again. We did that 6 times. (If you were wondering why my run this afternoon was awful, there is your explanation.)

I’m not gonna lie. It was tough and I knew it would be. But damn it felt good to knock another workout out of the park!!

In other news, if you’re looking for a spring half marathon that takes place at, oh, a WINERY!, you don’t want to miss out on the inaugural Youngberg Hill Half Marathon. You can’t beat the price either! Just a few more days to register before prices increase so take advantage of their lowest rate of $55.00 through Saturday, Feb. 28th.


This gorgeous view awaits you at the Youngberg Hill Half Marathon!


Finally, the story of the Kenyan runner who collapsed, and then crawled 400 meters to the finish, at the Austin Marathon earlier this month has been shared on multiple media outlets but I just got around to reading the story and watching the accompanying video. Holy WOW! The look of determination as she crawled, desperate to reach the finish on her own will, is awe-inspiring! If you haven’t checked it out, you can find it here.

Enjoy your Wednesday evening!


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