*Calling in the big guns*

The last time I went to the chiropractor was several years ago after falling off a donkey. While playing basketball. True story!


The *ass* that knocked me on my ass!


This week has been really rough. I had a fantastic massage a week ago with high hopes that it would magically cure my ailing glutes and hamstrings. My run today left me in near tears from frustration and discomfort.

So I bit the bullet and called in the big guns. I scheduled an appointment with the same chiropractor that realigned my jacked-up back after said donkey basketball incident. I will see her early next week. In the meantime, I hope I survive my 19-mile run planned for this weekend. And I’m thanking my lucky stars for my HRA account because with my upcoming trip to the Boston Marathon, extras like this are seriously not in the budget!

But I’m desperate to feel good while I’m training and simply taking time off seems more like a band-aid than a solution to whatever is going on. I need it fixed!

When all other self-care practices and home remedies fail, where do you turn? Have you ever played basketball while riding a donkey? ; )


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