*February review*

February Review:

Total miles: 240.25

Longest run: 18

Total days running: 24

YTD mileage: 453

Some of my favorite February moments included:

  • A well-executed training plan. I met my mileage goals for each week and the month, made it to all four track/speed workouts that I put on my calendar, and ran every prescribed long run. BOOM!
  • Securing one of the pieces of my upcoming trip to Boston. It’s starting to come together and if nothing else, I know I have a bed to sleep in and a shower not far from the start!
  • A free Wednesday afternoon in which I got to kill a few hours at one of my favorite running spots. Eleven blissful miles on a dry, mild February afternoon in Oregon? Yes, please!!!
  • Gatherings with girlfriends. Catching up over wine, birthday celebrations, christening a new pad… I’m so grateful for the gals in my life that have become family. We clearly have a good time together!


    The candle was removed by staff shortly after this pic was snapped. Oops.

  • A belated Valentine’s date with Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking. I FINALLY got to go see Wild. I’ve been reading the book for… way… too… long. But I really wanted to see it while it was still in theaters.
  • Time with my parents. They live a few hours away but travel home frequently and I always look forward to their visits.
  • A super cool meeting, of which the details are currently top-secret, that I’m hoping I can share soon! ; )

In February, I ran more miles in a month, in 24 days actually, than I ever had before. I’m a little in awe of it truthfully. It was a good month but I have even higher hopes for March. I think March is going to be a pretty rad month!

It started off pretty good:


After a rough week of training, I can’t complain about my run this morning.


Have a great Sunday!


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